DrydenWire.com is a free news and information New Media outlet based out of Spooner Wisconsin.  News coverage always starts in Spooner and Shell Lake but also publishes news & information from other towns in Washburn county as well as towns & cities in Burnett, Barron, Polk and Sawyer counties.

DrydenWire was founded by Shell Lake graduate Ben Dryden in 2015 after he noticed that there was a 'dead zone' in up-to-date news coverage in Northwest Wisconsin as most news outlets were still focused on weekly newspapers and not digitally focused and posting when the news breaks; instead waiting to inform their respective community the following week in a newspaper.  

After 6 months of production, DrydenWire.com, DrydenWire Facebook & Twitter officially launched its free news outlet on October 1st, 2015.  After enormous success in its first year, DrydenWire.com launched a completely revamped website 1 year later on October 1st, 2016.

DrydenWire, by design, is largely a news aggregator but also publishes original stories by Diane Dryden, author of two published novels and featured writer of 13 years. Diane has written over 250 original stories for DrydenWire since its original launch.  Another unique portion of DrydenWire is to not edit press releases.  When law enforcement and school districts, for example, issue a press release, DrydenWire posts them as-is without an editing.  

After winning the Washburn County Economic Development Corporation 'Innovative Business of the Year' award in April of 2017, Dryden stated "I believe news should be free to its community and presented in a way that is easily accessible and without bias and with the least amount of editorializing as possible.  I do not have a desire of replacing local newspapers, rather, my goal with DrydenWire is to bridge the gap from weekly publications and provide news & information not only daily, but when it happens and doing so for free."

January through April of 2017, DrydenWire.com averaged a following of over 110,000 unique users that visited its website every month.  April of 2017 alone, DrydenWire had over 135,000 unique users on its site and over 475,000 pageviews, by far the most followed and viewed online news and information media outlet in the area. Facebook also has grown significantly since launch and as of May 1, 2017, has over 5,400 Facebook likes and 5,600 followers.

If you would like more information about DrydenWire email: DrydenWire@gmail.com