A Specialty Care Package Just For You
A Specialty Care Package Just For You

Movie Review: 'Demon Slayer: Mugen Train'

"It is likelier than usual that opinions will differ from mine, especially for fans of the series" - Bob Garver

Movie Review: 'Mortal Kombat'

"A proper 'Mortal Kombat' movie would need to get an NC-17 for violence"

Aaron Rodgers Doesn't Want To Return To Green Bay Packers, ESPN Sources Say

Could this open the door for some possible trade options?

Movie Review: 'Voyagers'

"I’d say to stay away from “Voyagers,” but since the movie hasn’t risen above fifth place at the box office since it opened, it doesn’t seem people need to be told that."

Movie Review: 'The Unholy'

Bob Garver: "Even if you’re not a person of faith, this movie isn’t worth your time or money"

Movie Review: 'Godzilla Vs. Kong'

Bob Garver: "Hopefully we have bigger numbers from better movies on the horizon, but this movie is serviceable as a blockbuster for now"

Movie Review: 'Nobody'

Author's Note: This review is coming from a person who loves a good violent action movie. If the genre isn’t for you, this movie isn’t for you.

Movie Review: 'The Courier'

"I hate to disparage a film based on the timing of its release – especially in this era"

Movie Review: 'Chaos Walking'

"The best thing I can say about 'Chaos Walking' is that it’s onto something."

Movie Review: 'Raya And The Last Dragon'

"After a year away, the big screen makes even an okay Disney movie like “Raya and the Last Dragon” seem like a great one"

Movie Review: 'Tom And Jerry'

'The film takes place in a world where all humans are live-action and all animals are animated'

Movie Review (Double Feature): 'Judas And The Black Messiah' And 'Nomadland'

Bob Garver reviews two films in this week's film review

Movie Review Triple Feature: Promising Young Woman; The Little Things; and The Marksman

Bob Garver reviews the films Promising Young Woman, The Little Things, and The Marksman

Movie Review: 'The War With Grandpa'

"'The War with Grandpa' triggered some sort of chemical reaction in my brain"

Movie Review: 'Monster Hunter'

"I should have reviewed this movie three weeks ago, when it was #1 in the country"

Movie Review: 'News Of The World'

"If this movie looks like your cup of tea, then you’ll probably enjoy it, and if it doesn’t, you’ll still probably find something to appreciate even if it mostly feels like a slog"

Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association Celebrates National Hockey Mom Day

SAYHA Hockey Moms - If you think their hands are full - you should see their hearts!

The Minnesota Moose Move To Temporary Home At The Spooner Civic Center

The Minnesota Moose, a Junior A Hockey team playing within the USPHL Leagues Premier Division moved into their temporary home at the Spooner Civic Center!

Movie Review: 'Wonder Woman 1984'

“Wonder Woman 1984” is the closest thing we’ll get to a theatrical blockbuster this holiday season.

Movie Review: 'Greenland'

This week, Bob Garver reviews the film 'Greenland' for his weekly movie review

Movie Review: 'The Croods: A New Age'

"I’ll recommend going to see The Croods: A New Age (following all safety protocols, of course) and checking your opinion against mine to see if you too think this movie is a piece of well-animated junk"

Nickelodeon To Air Cartoonish Broadcast Of NFL Playoff Game

I’m definitely watching this instead of the CBS broadcast

Movie Review: 'Fatman'

In “Fatman,” Mel Gibson plays Santa Claus on steroids.

Movie Review: 'Kajillionaire'

NOTE: Surprisingly, my computer’s spell-check has no problem with the word “Kajillionaire.” It sounds made-up, but apparently it’s recognized.