Northwest WI Regional Construction Update - Apr. 19, 2024

Road construction project updates for Barron, Burnett, Polk, Rusk, Sawyer, and Washburn counties.

Natural Connections: Appreciating Earthly Gifts

What if we stopped calling trees, water, minerals, fruits, fish, soil, and everything else Natural Resources and started using the term Earthly Gifts?

Road Closure On CTH A At USH 53 For Safety Concerns

Washburn County residents are advised of a significant road closure.

Annual Work Zone Awareness Week Promotes Highway Safety

Gov. Tony Evers has proclaimed next week (April 15-19) as Work Zone Awareness Week in Wisconsin.

Northwest WI Regional Construction Update - Apr. 12, 2024

Road construction project updates for Barron, Burnett, Polk, Rusk, Sawyer, and Washburn counties.

Apply Now For The 2024 Wisconsin Elk Season

New this year, the Black River Elk Range will be open to hunting for the first time since elk were reintroduced to the state.

Natural Connections: Finding Snow Fleas

In their damp habitats, springtails are essential members of the community.

Northwest WI Regional Construction Update - Apr. 5, 2024

Road construction project updates for Barron, Burnett, Polk, Rusk, Sawyer, and Washburn counties.

Washburn County Officials Advise Drivers To Pay Attention, Slow Down This Construction Season

Washburn County Highway Commissioner Brian Danielsen urges people to drive carefully in highway work zones.

Previously Undetected Parasite Discovered In Wild Wisconsin Trout

DNR: Anglers, Please Clean Your Gear.

Protecting Birds From Your Windows

This week's Natural Connections article by Emily Stone.

Natural Connections: A Trend Of Predaceous Diving Beetles

Predaceous diving beetles regularly fly between bodies of water, and these 1.5 inch-long insects have been observed around homes recently.

Natural Connections: A Vocabulary Of Seeing

“Let’s start with the evergreens,” I told the small group who’d showed up for my tree identification program.

Natural Connections: Freezer Burn

This week's featured outdoors column from Emily Stone.

Natural Connections: Bark Eaters

"'Who’s eating my trees?' asked a participant on a hike last week. I’d been wondering the same thing!"

Natural Connections: Frozen Flows

A frozen waterfall on the Kadunce River in Northern Minnesota stands out against the backdrop of ancient bedrock.

Natural Connections: Pine Siskins

Pine siskins put on more fat than many other little birds. They also fluff out their feathers and tuck up their toes to stay warm on frigid days.

Natural Connections: Warm Winter Worries

Short-tailed weasels need snowy winters to match the camouflage of their white fur, and to provide safe, warm hunting grounds.

Wisconsin DNR Begins Winter Prescribed Burns

By burning in winter, staff take advantage of wet conditions, which reduces the heat and intensity of cattail marsh and barren burns.

Natural Connections: Snowflake Stories

'As with snow crystals, no two snowflake stories will ever be just alike, and their beauty is a reflection of the community who created them.'

Natural Connections: Germinating Seeds And Excitement In Hawaii

'After seven days in Hawaii my appreciation for the state sprouted like a weed and is ready for another trip!'

Natural Connections: Nenes And Blueberries In Hawaii

"With small, pointed, waxy leaves and bright berries, many of the plants reminded me of species I’d find in bogs in the Northwoods."

DNR Partners With MADD To Promote Snowmobile Safety This Winter

The DNR and MADD want to share these safety tips to make snowmobiling a great experience with all recreation explorers.

Natural Connections: Hawaiian Honeycreepers

"Theirs is a common plight on Hawaii, a hotbed of extinctions."