Wisconsin AG Kaul Joins Multistate Amicus Brief To Uphold Laws Restricting Gun Magazine Capacity

Attorneys General argue large-capacity magazines are not protected by the Second Amendment.

Stafsholt Bill Signed Into Law That Brings More Financing Options For Consumers

Senator Rob Stafsholt authored legislation that would exempt finance transactions with no charge or fee from payday loan regulations.

Brad Schimel Announces Campaign For Wisconsin Supreme Court

Former Wisconsin Attorney General and current Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Brad Schimel today announced his campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Grants 82 Pardons, Bringing Total Pardons Granted to 1,111

Gov. Tony Evers announced today that he has granted another 82 pardons, bringing his total number of pardons granted to 1,111.

Rep. Armstrong Responds To Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers' Veto

"I am very disappointed to learn of Governor Evers’ veto of the $2 billion middle-class tax cut passed by the Legislature."

Polk County Launches Municipal Housing Partnership Program

Program to Boost Local Housing Initiatives in the County.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Takes Action On 3 Bills

Gov. Tony Evers today took action on 3 bills, including 2 bills providing wage increases for certain public employees.

Rep. Armstrong Votes For Workforce Package

"As a county economic development director, I recognize the importance of making Wisconsin an attractive place for people to live and work."

Senator Romaine Quinn: 'Brewers Deal A Swing And A Miss'

Quinn: "I do not believe it is in the best interests of taxpayers to pay the majority cost of stadium upgrades"

Rep. Magnafici: Wisconsin Legislature Advances Crucial Election Integrity Measures

This legislative package, aimed at fortifying our elections, encompasses several key reforms.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Announces Microsoft Makes Major Investment In Wisconsin

Guv: 'The development brings jobs, investments, and skilling programs to the region.'

Senator Quinn Delivers GOP Radio Address

"Wisconsin Republicans are working to support new parents and their babies in an initiative called ‘Embrace Them Both.’"

Rep. Edming Votes To Advance Election Integrity Amendments

Representative James Edming voted to advance three constitutional amendments that will help protect the integrity of Wisconsin’s elections.

Rep. Armstrong Votes For Election Integrity

The Assembly has approved a sweeping elections reform package, including three proposed amendments to the Wisconsin Constitution.

Rep. Green Votes To Strengthen Election Integrity

Rep. Green also voted in favor of three constitutional amendments that will appear on the ballot for Wisconsin voters to decide.

Senator Quinn Bill Supporting Families Passes Senate

Legislation will provide an increase to the child tax deduction.

Rep. Armstrong Votes To Protect Free Speech On Campus, Eliminate Race-Based Higher Ed Programs

The Assembly met November 7 to take up a number of legislative proposals, including several relating to higher education in Wisconsin.

Rep. Green Authored Bills Pass The Assembly

Representative Chanz Green (R-Grand View) had two of his bills pass the Assembly.

Rep. Green Honors First Responders Of The Year

“These three fearless officers responded courageously to a burning home and saved a handicapped woman from inside earlier this May,” Rep. Green said.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers Sues Legislative Republicans For Violating Wisconsin Constitution

Governor files suit against Wisconsin State Legislature for 'unconstitutionally obstructing basic government functions.'

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Signs Three Bills Into Law

Gov. Tony Evers today took action on three bills today.

Congressman Tiffany Releases Statement On Election For The Speaker Of The House

Rep. Mike Johnson elected by the House Wednesday afternoon to become the next speaker.

Rep. Edming Honors Jim Onarheim As First Responder Of The Year

Rep. Edming honored Sawyer County first responder, James Onarheim as the 87th Assembly District’s First Responder of the Year.