Get the real facts about the COVID-19 vaccine
Get the real facts about the COVID-19 vaccine

Brian Cole: 'Repentance & Forgiveness' - Part 1

'So, why was Joseph considered great? Joseph wasn’t no superhuman. He was just a man.'

Northwood Tech Instructor Places 3rd At National Convention

Julie Wadzinski entered and competed as a member of the Barron County Farm Bureau.

Brian Cole: 'Banquet Of Grace' - Part Four

"You haven't earned it, you don’t deserve it, but He loves you so much regardless of your sin and rebellion..."

Brian Cole: 'Banquet Of Grace' - Part Three

"Guilt certainly causes us to say some pretty strange things at strange times, does it not!?"

Washburn County HHS Director Jim LeDuc Resigns

LeDuc tells DrydenWire that he is resigning -- effective March 4, 2022 -- providing a two-month notice to assist in the transition.

Brian Cole: 'Banquet Of Grace' - Part Two

Pastor Brian Cole continues his series from Gen. 43:1-34

Brian Cole: 'Banquet Of Grace - Part One'

"The end of your story - and the story of your family - is not yet written, so don’t ever give up hope for reconciliation."

Brian Cole: 'The Irony In The Christmas Story' - Part 2

"The Christmas story isn’t about perfect people in a perfect world. This is not a Hallmark Christmas Story."

Congratulations To The WDVA 2021 Impact Awardee: Angela 'Ella' Parker

"Ella" has served as the County Veterans Service Officer in Burnett County and was previously Assistant County Veterans Service Officer in Washburn County.

Brian Cole: 'The Irony In The Christmas Story' - Part 1

Pastor Cole: 'We are taking a break from the Genesis text again this Christmas season to present you all with another Christmas story.'

'Lucky To Have Survived': Crashes Involving State Patrol Cruisers A Reminder Of Move Over Laws

Two on-duty Wisconsin State Patrol troopers escaped injury this week after drivers hit their cruisers.

Brian Cole: 'Guilt And Grace' - Part 3

Pastor Cole: "Jesus, the beloved Son of His Father, became our brother in order to suffer injustice, humiliation, and death at our hands, for our sin."

Brian Cole: 'Guilt And Grace' - Part 2

Pastor Cole: "When you are at that place where you can say - 'God, where am I in all of this...' look at Joseph and all the junk that’s happened to him."

Miracle At Big Rock Holiday Light Tour Opens Tonight With Fireworks!

Miracle at Big Rock opens today at 4pm

NorthLakes Community Clinic Awarded Its First Indigenous Health Care Scholarship To A Native Health Care Scholar

NorthLakes raised over $110,000 for its endowment which will begin awarding scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Brian Cole: 'Guilt And Grace' - Part 1

"Remember, these brothers are thugs - this is a gnarly bunch of dudes - killing villages, stealing, selling off people, lying to their father..."

Washburn County Tourism Association Helps Wisconsin Bundle Up

Local organization serves as collection site for Wisconsin Department of Tourism’s annual charity drive.

DPI Publishes Public And Choice School And District Report Cards For The 2020-21 School Year

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction today published public and choice school and district report cards for the 2020-21 school year.

Brian Cole: 'God Is In Control' - Part 3

Pastor Cole: 'This world is NOT our home. This is the land of our affliction. God can and will make us fruitful here by His grace.'

Vet Says Thanks

Terry Dryden: "I would like to to take this opportunity to thank all my fellow veterans for their service. I would also like to thank the spouse's of our veterans for their own dedication to the cause."

Gov. Evers Awards $15 Million In Grants To Local Tourism Organizations

Multiple area Tourism organizations receive grants. Check out who got what!

Diane Dryden: It's Almost A Wrap

There are committees, and there are committees. Happily, for the Veteran's Memorial Waterfront Park in Spooner, their committee has been on the ball and cranking out success after success for the past 21 years.

Brian Cole: 'God Is In Control' - Part 2

"Within the Church today in our culture, our relationship with the Holy Spirit is really neglected to a significant degree"

‘Steer It, Clear It’ Law Keeps Drivers, First Responders Safe After A Crash

Across Wisconsin, there were 115,694 crashes in 2020. 703 were secondary crashes, happening after an initial incident.