National Police Week: Sheriff Fitzgerald Pens Letter Of Appreciation Supporting, Thanking Law Enforcement

"At any given time, your local Law Enforcement Officers in Barron County and across the country are called upon to perform miracles and to do the impossible"

Brian Cole: 'Being Led By God' - Part Three

Pastor Brian Cole concludes Genesis chapter 31 in this week's Sunday message

Brian Cole: 'Being Led By God' - Part Two

Part 2 from Pastor Brian Cole as he continues from Genesis 31:1-55

ICYMI: Spooner Will Be A Hub Of Activity For Several Years

A beautiful new park, new streets, and intersections, a solar farm, to-go food faster than ever, what's not to like?

Brian Cole: 'Being Led By God' - Part One

This week's message from Pastor Brian Cole comes from Genesis 31:1-55

Brian Cole: 'Spiritual Prosperity And Enriching Others' - Part 2

Pastor Brian Cole: 'From vs. 25 on is how God is moving Jacob back into the promised land after this time of learning and growing and rooting out his impatience and manipulation'

ICYMI: Shell Lake Marine Moves To New Location Greatly Increasing In Size

This week's spotlight story from Diane Dryden features the ever-growing Shell Lake Marine

Brian Cole: 'Spiritual Prosperity And Enriching Others' - Part 1

This week's message from Pastor Cole is on Genesis 30:1-43

Diane Dryden: Going Wild In Wisconsin

"With the newest gardening trend of planting wildflower gardens, I thought I'd give it a try. After all, my husband doesn't have to mow all the nooks and crannies of our country property; I had a perfect spot. Besides, I am a seasoned gardener and was looking for a new challenge."

Brian Cole: 'Palm Sunday: Personal Responses To Christs Week Of Passion' - Part 3

"The last couple weeks we have been looking at the personal responses people who encountered Christ the week before the Cross had."

Feeding My Wild Side

"Now, was I laying it on pretty thick? Yeah. But apparently someone from Jack Links noticed my not-so-subtle note"

Signs Of The Time

Diane Dryden: "I recommend the next time you head to town, or drive anywhere, to count the road signs, not the advertising signs, just the official ones. Stay with me here; there is a point to all of this."

Brian Cole: 'Palm Sunday: Personal Responses To Christs Week Of Passion' - Part 2

Part 2 of Pastor Brian Cole's 'Palm Sunday' message

15 Things You Might Not Know About Me: Jonathan Wichmann

Jonathan Wichmann will be on DrydenWire Live Thursday morning!

Sheriff’s Deputy Recognizes SMS Students For Creation Of 'WOW Wall'

Deputy Donated Gift Cards To Student Creators In Recognition Of Their Work

WITC Students Advance To National Business Professionals Of America Conference

4 students took top five placings in 12 categories, now eligible to compete at National Leadership Conference

The Veterans Service Office Is Putting The Pieces Back Together

Recently, the Veterans Service Office received an unexpected award.

Brian Cole: 'Palm Sunday: Personal Responses To Christs Week Of Passion' - Part 1

"Have you ever stopped to consider, what separates Christianity from all the other religions in the world?"

Check Your Bank Account: IRS Delivering Third Round Of Economic Impact Payments

$1,400 stimulus checks for those eligible should be receiving their direct deposit payments today

(UPDATE) Spooner School Board Votes 5-2 On 4th Quarter Attendance Plan

SASD's Board of Education will take up a voted Monday night during a Regular Meeting of the BOA

Brian Cole: 'The School of Hard Knocks' - Part 3

"Picking it up from last week we’re gonna now see Laban bringin’ the crazy!"

Sheriff Selects Next Washburn County Chief Deputy

Washburn County Sheriff Dennis Stuart has made his decision on who will replace now-retired Nick Helstern.

6 Apply For Washburn County Chief Deputy; Sheriff's Selection Expected This Week

Sheriff Stuart: "My decision for Chief Deputy will be based on the best candidate for the Sheriff’s Office and the constituents of Washburn County."

Brian Cole: 'The School of Hard Knocks' - Part 2

"Last week we saw God’s sovereignty in just setting this whole deal up! Now we continue with vs. 12..."