Brian Cole: 'Hope In Suffering?' - Part 2

"We can’t control alot of circumstances in our lives, but we CAN control the way that we react, the way that we respond to them."

Brian Cole: ‘Hope In Suffering?’ - Part 1

"This world is full of difficult and disappointing experiences, and few of us escape unmarked in some way by them."

Brian Cole: ‘God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life?’ - Part 3

Last week we saw Joseph being tempted by Potifer’s wife and how he was responding to temptation. We continue with a bad situation getting worse...

Law Enforcement Procession To Be Held Wednesday For LCO Officer Who Lost Battle To Cancer

The LCO Police Department is also holding a fundraiser at the Tribal Office on Friday.

Brian Cole: 'God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life?' - Part 2

"Be up front with your faith, it might bring some antagonism, it might bring some jokes your way, but what it typically ain’t going to bring your way is temptation."

Brian Cole: 'God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life?' - Part 1

"We’ve all probably heard the statement: 'God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.' Heck, some of you might have even told other people that yourselves."

Diane Dryden: If You Possibly Can-GOGH! Spend Some Time In Someone Else's Mind For A While

"Even if you don't know a thing about the artist Vincent Van Gogh ... you'll feel like you've been inside his head."

Brian Cole: 'Judah' - Part 3

This week's Sunday message from Pastor Brian Cole

The 20th Anniversary Of The September 11th Attacks

A guest column from 7th Congressional District Rep. Tom Tiffany

Brian Cole: 'Judah' - Part 2

Gen. 38:1-30 - Judah - Part 2 - "We now continue with this bizarre story of Judah..."

Brian Cole: 'Judah' - Part 1

Pastor Brian Cole begins a new series "Judah' from Genesis 38

Brian Cole: 'Brotherly Hate' - Part 5

Each Sunday, DrydenWire.com publishes a submitted article in a weekly series from Pastor Brian Cole.

Superintendent David Bridenhagen To Retire

Shell Lake School District Superintendent David Bridenhagen set to retire following school year

Spooner Health’s Golf Outing Raises $6,000 for Community First – Washburn County

Spooner Health’s 13h annual golf outing fundraiser made a major comeback after taking a year off due to COVID-19.

Brian Cole: 'Brotherly Hate' - Part 4

Pastor Brian Cole continues his series in Genesis

Brian Cole: 'Brotherly Hate' - Part 3

Pastor Brian Cole continues in the text from Genesis 37:1-36

Brian Cole: 'Brotherly Hate' - Part 2

Brian Cole: "Last week we left off with Joseph giving a bad job evaluation report to his father concerning his brothers. To make matters worse...."

New On The Market: Gorgeous Lake Home In Northwest Wisconsin!

'From the moment you pull in the driveway, you can’t help but notice the care and attention the owners have given to this property.'

Oldest Remaining Building In Shell Lake Becomes Just A Hole In The Ground

Out with the old, in with the new. Shell Lake is growing again.

Brian Cole: 'Brotherly Hate' - Part 1

"So, after the dual genealogies of Esau in Gen. 36, we now transition to the time of Joseph, and understand that Joseph was just a remarkable human being"

Brian Cole: 'Revival' - Part 4

Brian Cole: "It would do us well to deliberately meditate often on all that God has done for us in our lives"

WILL To ACLU Of Wisconsin: Schools Not Required To Teach Critical Race Theory

WILL responds to ACLU letter to Wisconsin schools

Turnkey Bar And Cabin Rental!

Featured Listing by Romaine Quinn – Real Estate Solutions

Brian Cole: 'Revival' - Part 3

Pastor Brian Cole continues in Genesis Chapter 35 picking it up in vs. 8.