Specialized Wound Care at Spooner Health
Specialized Wound Care at Spooner Health

Area Gas Prices Today Compared To Last Month, Last Year

Gas prices in our area are continuing to rise and have significantly increased over the past year.

Spooner Squirts Win State!

The Spooner Police Department will be welcoming the team home tonight; community invited to attend.

Brian Cole: 'No Fear!' - Part 1

"And so God just over and over seeking to comfort and strengthen and just repeat those promises. Beautiful stuff!"

Anonymous Donation Received To Enhance Deputy Safety During High-Risk Events

"Never has a private citizen stepped up like this to help support and keep law enforcement safe."

State Youth Hockey Tournaments 

The Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association is excited that their Squirt team are playing the Squirt 4A State Tournament.

Brian Cole: 'A Family Reunion' - Part 3

"So, the story of Joseph and his brothers trending now on all the social media, words getting around."

Local Bank Donates 35 Of These Life-Saving Devices To Sheriff’s Office

Frandsen Bank & Trust and Lakes Region/St. Croix Valley EMS Partner to Supply AEDs to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Brian Cole: 'A Family Reunion' - Part 2

"Last week we saw Joseph reveal himself to his brothers for the first time, so now we get into the meat of this revealing."

Which Company Is Dominating 5G Technology?

5G is a new global wireless standard that offers higher data speeds, greater capacity, and improved reliability to better connect networked devices.

Brian Cole: 'A Family Reunion' - Part One

"How many of ya have been to family reunions? What we have before us the next couple weeks is really a family reunion of sorts."

2 New Ad Spots For ‘Positive Tuesday W/ Ben & Fitzy’ Show Now Available!

The 1st two businesses or organizations that contact us will get 1st dibs on these exclusive placements.

Spooner Squirts Are Going To State!!

Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association has a team going to youth state competition for the first time in 5 years!

Brian Cole: 'Repentance & Forgiveness' - Part Three

"For both believers and unbeliever alike, repentance is a step beyond recognition of sin and the regret of its consequences."

Olympic Women's Hockey Player Brianna Decker Has Ties To Spooner

Brianna is a three time Olympian and founder of the Brianna Decker Endowment for Girls Hockey.

WRN: DrydenWire #1-Ranked In Popularity Among All Independent Online News Sites In Wisconsin

DrydenWire is 9th-ranked when compared to traditional media outlets.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office Announce Retirement Of K9 Zeke

"Due to medical issues typical with police dogs, we believe Zeke is now ready to retire and live the good life."

Brian Cole: 'Repentance & Forgiveness' - Part Two

Pastor Cole continues his series on Repentance & Forgiveness from Genesis.

Brian Cole: 'Repentance & Forgiveness' - Part 1

'So, why was Joseph considered great? Joseph wasn’t no superhuman. He was just a man.'

Northwood Tech Instructor Places 3rd At National Convention

Julie Wadzinski entered and competed as a member of the Barron County Farm Bureau.

Brian Cole: 'Banquet Of Grace' - Part Four

"You haven't earned it, you don’t deserve it, but He loves you so much regardless of your sin and rebellion..."

Brian Cole: 'Banquet Of Grace' - Part Three

"Guilt certainly causes us to say some pretty strange things at strange times, does it not!?"

Washburn County HHS Director Jim LeDuc Resigns

LeDuc tells DrydenWire that he is resigning -- effective March 4, 2022 -- providing a two-month notice to assist in the transition.

Brian Cole: 'Banquet Of Grace' - Part Two

Pastor Brian Cole continues his series from Gen. 43:1-34