$1,500 Cash Bond Ordered For Teacher Who Allegedly Showed Sexual Photos To Children

Teacher Faces Multiple Charges For Allegedly Showing Sexual Photos To Children

Felony Charges Filed After $15,000 Worth Of Plants Stolen From Hemp Farm

Felony charges have been filed against Logan Melton, of Stone Lake, WI, after Hemp Farm sustains $15k in losses.

Court Orders $250,000 Cash Bond For Man Charged With Multiple Child Sexual Assaults

Multiple Charges Of Child Sexual Assault Filed Against St. Croix Falls Man In Sawyer County

Siren Police Chief Facing Charge Of 4th-Degree Sexual Assault

Criminal charges of 4th-Degree Sexual Assault have been filed against Christopher Sybers, Police Chief for the Siren, WI Police Department.

$25,000 Cash Bond Ordered For Man Charged With Causing Injury To Officer

Deputy Sustained Broken Knee Cap During Struggle With Man

Intoxicated Man Allegedly Called 911 & Threatened To Shoot People With AR-15

Man Arrested & Charged With Terrorist Threats Following Incident At Spooner Health.

Charges Filed Against Two Following Drug Trafficking Investigation 

Meth, Marijuana, Digital Scales, Baggies, and Loaded Handgun Found In Drug Room.

Convicted Sex Offender Faces New Charges For Attempted Child Sex Crime

Charges Also Filed For Violations Of Sex Offender Registry Requirements.

Man Charged With Sexual Assault Of Unconscious Victim

Witnesses State Man Was Seen Sexually Assaulting Unconscious Victim

Man Charged After Traffic Stop Leads To Seizure Of 30 Grams Of Meth

Charges Of Possession With Intent To Deliver Filed Against Spooner Man

Man Sentenced On Convictions For Possession Of Child Porn

The Court has sentenced a man on convictions for possession of child pornography in Washburn County

Charges Filed Against Man For Placing Hidden Camera In Bedroom

Man Gave Video Footage From Hidden Camera To Law Enforcement

Man In Custody For Making Terrorist Threats; Felony Charges Filed

Insurance Company For McDonalds Denied Man’s Insurance Claim For Damages To Car

Sexual Assault Charges Re-Filed Against Hayward Man; New Judge Requested

State Re-Files Charges Of Repeated Sexual Assault Against Cameron Leach

Incident In Jail Results In New Charges For Man Facing Homicide Charges

Man Allegedly Attacked Another Inmate Of The Jail

Overdose Death In Burnett Leads To Homicide Charges For Two 

Overdose Death Linked To Fentanyl Disguised As Heroin

Traffic Stop Leads To Charges Of 7th OWI For Sawyer County Woman

Woman’s Blood Alcohol Content Was Over Twice Legal Limit

UPDATE: Felony Charges Filed Following Discovery Of 271 Grams Of Heroin

K9 Alert Led To Discovery Of Heroin, Cocaine, Pills, Handgun, Cash

Court Finds Man Now Competent To Stand Trial On Homicide Charges

The Court has found that Joseph Rogers, charged with the stabbing death of Troy Sweep in July 2019, has regained competency

Investigation Leads To Burglary, Meth Charges For Husband And Wife

Suspicious Vehicle Report Led To Arrest Of Couple For Alleged Burglary

DCI Investigation Leads To Charges Of Possessing Child Porn For Spooner Business Owner

Agents Locate Videos Showing Toddler Age Children Subjected To Sexual Activities

Shell Lake Man Arrested In Burnett County For Operating Under The Influence, 8th Offense

Martin Johnson, 49 years of age, from Shell Lake, WI has been arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence, 8th offense

Charges Of Possessing Child Porn Filed Against Spooner Man

2 Videos Containing Child Porn Found On Suspect’s Cell Phone

Search Warrant At Hayward Residence Reveals Firearms, Marijuana, Heroin; 5 People Charged

Felony drug-related charges have been filed against 5 people in Sawyer County