MADISON – Between May 15 and July 2, 2018, almost 558,000 eligible families filed for the $100 Per-Child Tax Rebate.

“It’s great to see almost $95 million returned to hardworking families throughout Wisconsin because of our $100 Per-Child Tax Rebate,” said Governor Walker. “Surplus dollars belong to the taxpayers, so it was only fitting to return those dollars through a child tax rebate and our Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday. We look forward to continue working to save taxpayer dollars and build on the more than $8 billion in cumulative tax relief enacted since taking office.” 

The $100 rebate was for sales and use tax paid on purchases made for raising a dependent child in 2017. Those eligible could claim $100 for each qualified child.  A total of $94,233,300 was returned to taxpayers in claims for 942,333 children.

"Overall, we felt the claims process went very well. The online application system was easy to use, and it only took a few minutes to apply," notes Department of Revenue Secretary Richard Chandler. "Similar to what we see in tax season, there was a surge of claims in the first couple of weeks and then another surge in the last few days. Wisconsin families appreciated seeing some of their tax dollars returned to them in time for back-to-school shopping. We also held our first ever Wisconsin sales tax holiday in early August to provide additional tax relief." 

Both the Wisconsin Child Sales Tax Rebate and the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday were adopted due to a state budget surplus of almost $400 million at the end of the previous state fiscal year, a surplus that resulted from a strong economy and sound fiscal management. That allowed the state to continue its efforts to return money to Wisconsin taxpayers.

Last Update: Sep 06, 2018 11:28 am CDT

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