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SIREN – 100 Women Who Care - Polk/Burnett opted to hold their February quarterly meeting in a virtual format. The group reviewed 2-page statements from three local non-profit groups, learning about their missions, needs, and what they would do with the donation if they were selected to receive it. Members then voted via e-mail for the group they deemed most deserving. It was an extremely close vote between all three presenters, but the $10,100 donation went to Angels Island, Inc., who will use the donated funds to install a wheelchair swing at Angels Island, a park adjacent to Milltown Community Center that first memorialized the death of the three Milberg children who died tragically at the ages of 5, 5, and 11 in a horrific automobile accident. Today, Angels Island is abundant with flowers, shrubs, and memorial spaces for many children, as well as a playground that is widely used by the whole community. The addition of the wheelchair swing will contribute to their latest dream of building a playground area for children with special needs.

Angels Island representative Nancy LeMay said “We are over the moon, we just can’t believe it!” Visibly emotional, LeMay called Angels Island a “happy, sad place”, ensuring that no child is ever forgotten. "The joy a family will absorb as other children play on their child’s memorial piece is an amazing transfer of grief to hope”

100 Women Who Care - Polk/Burnett meets quarterly, on the second Wednesday evening of February, May, August and November. At each meeting, three local non-profit groups are allowed to give a brief presentation to educate members about their cause. At the end of the presentations, each member votes anonymously for the group they feel is most deserving to receive their quarterly donation. Three different non-profit groups will be chosen at random from all eligible applicants to present each quarter. All groups who apply must operate in Polk and/or Burnett, Wisconsin counties and have 501(c)(3) status. Once a non-profit is selected to receive a donation, they will be removed from the eligible pool until all applicants have had the opportunity to present to the group. If a non-profit group is chosen to present, but is not chosen to receive the donation, they will be added back to the drawing after one calendar year.

100 Women Who Care - Polk/Burnett plan to hold their next meeting on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. If you are interested in joining the group or would like to submit an application to present, please visit or send an inquiry to You can also “Like” the group on Facebook at “100 Women Who Care - Polk/Burnett” for information on upcoming meetings and donations made.

Last Update: Mar 03, 2021 9:24 am CST

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