15 Things You Might Not Know About Me: Jonathan Wichmann

  1. My first job was working at Gilles Frozen Custard in Milwaukee.
  2. I play piano and guitar, but I am a bit rusty on both.
  3. I first laid eyes on my wife when I was 16 years old at Fall Baptist Church but didn’t meet her until I was 24 years old.
  4. I am an only child.
  5. As a child, my family would go to Bay Beach Amusement Park. My favorite rides were the train and go-karts.
  6. Gardening was my favorite thing to do growing up. One time I grew a giant Zucchi by purposely overusing miracle grow.
  7. I fall asleep listening to audiobooks.
  8. I collect JFK memorabilia.
  9. Simon Birch is a movie that seems to always cause me to shed a few tears.
  10. Favorite Movie Series is Lord of the Rings.
  11. In the wintertime as a kid, I created the best snow tunnels at Wilson Park.
  12. I enjoy renting exotic cars in Vegas and driving them out on the desert roads.
  13. At age 18 I attempted to join every branch of the military but was denied due to my history of asthma.
  14. I’m very good at flying Remote Control Airplanes.
  15. My most memorable day/night was when I asked Jacki to marry me.

You can find more information about Jonathan by tuning into our show tomorrow morning or by visiting his website. You can also follow him on his Facebook page and Twitter account.

Last Update: Oct 08, 2021 10:56 am CDT

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