Remember a couple of weeks ago when the dogs took over? Now it is raining cats (ok - kittens) at HSBC! The shelter current has 21 of these litter angels ready and willing to bring some excitement to your home.

It is difficult to personality profile and photograph so many busy babies. Included is a representative sample of what are climbing the screens, condos and pant legs in the cat dorms. There are a variety of fur lengths and colors to choose from—black, brown tabby, gray and white, black and white. They are all playful, inquisitive, and love attention.

HSBC is currently running a kitten clearance adoption special: adopt one kitten at a discounted price, get a playmate for the price of a donation! This offer is first come-first served. If you miss out, fret not. We expect more kittens in the coming weeks, with at least one pregnant momma in residence.

As you can imagine, HSBC is going through a lot of kitty litter right now. If you would like to drop some off during public hours, you’d make a lot of kitties happy—and if you wanted to clean litter boxes, you’d make the staff happy! In fact, you can have kitty litter shipped to the shelter from Amazon and save yourself the chore of hauling it. Go to Your Account, find a List or Registry, and type in “Humane Society Burnett County.” Select the wish list the choices on the left column, scroll halfway down the page, and choose whether to send 18- or 40-pound bags. Any help is appreciated.

If you are not up to dealing with youngsters, Cassie and Skittles (from previous Weekly Wag profiles) are still waiting for homes. There is also Zoey, who is still awaiting her 15 minutes of fame. All three of these ladies are adult-sized and enjoy quiet time, laps and cuddles. You can check out their profiles on the HSBC website.

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