Shy young lady is looking to expand social skills. "Lucy" came to the shelter as an introverted stray but is quickly blossoming and now is ready for a home of her own. She is a tri-colored hound mix who will probably top out at around 60 pounds. Lucy is around five months old, which means she still has some puppy behaviors and room to grow. She enjoys playing with all the big dogs and is a little snuggle bug with people. Lucy’s at the age where her family can teach her how to be a good canine citizen. But at the end of the day, Lucy will happily hang with you for some downtime.

Call HSBC to meet this debutante!

It’s getting to be the time of year when people like to celebrate with loud noise. In case your dog (or cat) isn’t an enthusiastic fan of the celebration, here are some tips to help make fireworks season a little easier on your pet.

  • Walk or exercise your pet before the festivities. Tired pets may sleep through the noise.
  • Leave your pets at home. The accumulation of strange places, strange people, and loud noise can be too much.
  • Keep your pets indoors while fireworks are going on.
  • Secure doors and windows so your pet can’t escape. Dogs will go through screen doors if frightened enough.
  • Turn on the TV, radio, and/or air conditioning to help mask the noise of fireworks. Soothing music like jazz or classical helps to enhance calm.
  • Prepare a safe area where the pet can hide, if that’s their thing. A darkened room sometimes helps, as drapes can help muffle sound.
  • Some pets can be distracted by light, fun play.
  • Avoid disciplining or harsh correction when your pet shows fear. Calm encouragement is best; if you’re upset, that reinforces there is something to be afraid of.
  • Consider a Thundershirt or a snug t-shirt for your pet. The light compression calms some dogs.
  • In severe cases, discuss medication with your veterinarian. However, sedatives should be a last resort.

Make sure your pet is wearing current identification in the event it runs off. If you do lose your pet, contact HSBC so they can notify you quickly if your animal comes to the shelter. Enjoy your holidays!

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