Pet of the Week

I’m young Freddy “Shine,” orange as a pumpkin,
but don’t mistake me for some country-bumpkin!  
When it comes to fashion trends, I’m right on track;  
As everybody knows by now, “Orange is the new black!”
Looking back at my past, the homeless times were hardest;
I only have myself to blame, ‘cuz I’m an escape artist!
Whenever humans open doors, I don’t need a reason,
I slickly slide right outside, regardless of the season!
Now I’m active, playful boy, but I’m a lover, too;
So come as soon as possible and take me home with you!

Also Available for Adoption

Many cats, all ages, colors & sizes

  • 8 y.o. male Plott Hound/Lab
  • 6 y.o. male Lab/Chow
  • 2 y.o. male Husky mix
  • 2 y.o. female Border Collie mix

Washburn County Area Humane Society

  • 1300 Roundhouse Rd
  • Spooner, Wisconsin 54801
  • Phone:  715-635-4720
  • Open:  2-6 p.m., M, T, Th, & F;
  • Noon-4 p.m. Sat.

For current information about strays, call us or check our Facebook page.

Last Update: Aug 23, 2018 10:40 am CDT

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