Now that the weather is getting cooler at night, it’s time to think about a lap warmer. This week’s pets would certainly love to fill that need for you.

Look up “big softie” in the dictionary, and Roscoe’s picture is probably there. This six-year-old, black-and-tan Rottweiler mix loves nothing better than hanging out with people. Roscoe is a laid-back guy who likes to stick close to his people, often leaning in just to be touching. And that is a lot of love considering he is a very solid 90 pounds. Roscoe is happy to share with you and is friendly with most other dogs. He would like nothing better than to snuggle up on the couch with you!

Blackjack is a five-month-old male shorthair with black fur and amber eyes. He is probably going to be a medium-sized adult. Blackjack’s siblings were adopted, but he still waits patiently for that special person to notice him. Blackjack is friendly and easy-going and likes attention. He has spent a lot of time at the shelter being handled, so being picked up does not bother him. But Blackjack would love a lap to curl up on.
The shelter is still looking for the following items. If you can help, feel free to drop off items during public hours at the Midtown Rd. location. Things currently needed: bitter apple anti-chew spray, 13-gallon garbage bags, printer paper, dog biscuits, liquid hand soap (no aloe vera), scoopable cat litter, spray bottles, pet-safe all-purpose cleaner, and canned cat food.

Thank you to everyone who took time out of their holiday weekend to have lunch out at the Peggy Schilling Animal Adoption & Education Center. The staff, volunteers, and residents at HSBC appreciate the support!

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