HSBC is still coming up kittens! Our latest batch includes some adorable diluted calicos, greys, and tuxedos. Aria and Cha-Chi are just two examples of the cuteness waiting for you! The shelter is still offering its Pick of the Litter discount – adopt one kitten at below regular price and receive another for the cost of a donation. This is a great deal if you want a couple of new family members! HSBC kittens are well-socialized, curious, playful, affectionate, and vetted. There are all age groups, from young babies to adolescents. There are even a few adults left to choose from.

Speaking of who’s still around, here’s a list of former Weekly Wag stars who are still waiting for the perfect family: On the canine side of the house there is Skye – two-year-old, brown Staffordshire Terrier; Belle – six-year-old, red and white hound mix ; Meadow – four-year-old, dark gray Weimaraner; Chance- one-year-old , brown boxer mix ; Roscoe – six-year-old, black and tan Rottweiler mix; and Owen – eight-year-old, white American Bulldog mix. Adult cats still hanging out with the youngsters are Lennie – two-year-old, white and tabby shorthair and Hazel – one-year-old, tabby shorthair.

Keep those wish list donations coming! You would be amazed how much gets used to keep everyone happy and healthy. Items in short supply this week are Odaban cleaner - gallon sized, scoopable cat litter, disinfectant wipes, large dog rawhides, microscope slides, and medium dog biscuits. While you are at the shelter dropping off supplies, say hi to a few of the residents. They would love to express their appreciation!

Watch this space for upcoming information on Dancing with the Dogs!

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Last Update: Oct 04, 2018 8:59 am CDT

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