Pet of the Week

Come over here and take a gander--I’m a year-old boy named “Zander!”
When I was homeless, I’d meander, all around the town;
Being “stray” never got me down!
Since wintertime will soon be here, I need to live with humans near;
I’ll sit on your lap and purr, if you’ll stroke my orange & white fur;
And I’ll no longer need to roam, once I find my“forever home!”

Also Available for Adoption:  

Many cats, all ages, genders and sizes; Male & female Plott Hounds, female Pit Bull; female Rottweiler; male husky mix; male Chihuahua mix.

Washburn County Area Humane Society

  • 1300 Roundhouse Rd
  • Spooner, Wisconsin 54801
  • Phone:  715-635-4720
  • Open:  2-6 p.m., M, T, Th, & F;
  • Noon-4 p.m. Sat.

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