WASHBURN COUNTY -- A Washburn County Sheriff's Deputy has been awarded with a Life Saving Award and uniform ribbon for his actions on November 29th at the house fire on Carlton Road in Evergreen Township, according to a news release from the Washburn County Sheriff's Office.

(News Release) -- Sgt. Wayne Johnston presents Deputy Sheriff Nick Riedell with a Life Saving Award and uniform ribbon. As a result of Deputy Riedell’s actions on November 29th at the house fire on Carlton Road in Evergreen Township, two lives were saved. Deputy Riedell’s decision, along with Spooner Police Officer Trevor Peterson, to enter a burning home overwhelmed with heavy smoke, was exemplary and deserves recognition. (Officer Peterson will be recognized by the City of Spooner Police Department) In any lifesaving effort, it is a team effort. However, those who place themselves in immediate danger to save another requires bravery and dedication to duty.

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Police Report Identifies Victims In Recent House Fire

DrydenWire.com l Wednesday, December 12, 2018

WASHBURN COUNTY -- A report from the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office has identified the three victims of the house fire on Carlton Road that claimed the life of one and injured two.

DrydenWire.com published a news release from the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office on November 30, 2018 regarding a house fire that occurred at W8043 Carlton Road in Evergreen Township, Washburn County and resulted in the death of one person and injured two.

Multiple agencies provided assistance at this incident, including the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office, Spooner Police Department, Wisconsin State Patrol, Spooner Fire Department, Shell Lake Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Personnel.

According to a report released by the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office, at around 6:46 PM on November 29, 2018, Washburn County Dispatch sent law enforcement to a house fire at W8043 Carlton Road. Dispatchers advised officers that they were on the line with a female when they lost contact with her, but could still hear breathing on the phone line.

When officers arrived on scene, they could see the glow of a fire inside the residence. Officers broke a porch window, but could not see inside the residence due to the thick smoke from the fire. A Washburn County Sheriff’s Deputy kicked in the door, however it was blocked and officers were only able to open the door approximately 12 inches.

Although they could see two individuals through the opening, they could not access the residence. With the use of a bolt cutter and a small shovel, responding law enforcement were able to get the door off its hinges.

A 28-year-old male, Michael Hayden, and a 63-year-old female, Karen Edwards, were removed from the residence. Both of these individuals were still breathing but were unconscious and unable to provide any information to law enforcement. Both were transported by ambulance for medical assistance.

While firefighters worked on extinguishing the flames, law enforcement spoke with a neighbor who advised that there was a third individual who had been staying at the residence. By this point in time, the west side of the residence was fully engulfed in flames, according to the Sheriff’s Office report.

After the fire was contained, the Spooner Fire Chief advised law enforcement that they had located a third individual who was deceased and identified as Danny Zarn, age 62.

The Washburn County Deputy Coroner Karen Baker responded to the scene as well as Washburn County Sheriff’s Office Investigators. The Anoka County Medical Examiner’s Office will complete an examination of the body of the deceased.

A Washburn County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to the scene to maintain security until the Fire Marshall was able to respond and process the scene.

At this time DrydenWire.com does not have any information regarding the suspected cause of the fire or the status of Hayden and Edwards.

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