We have been sifting through a mass amount of data from 2019 in order to publish our 2019 By The Numbers: DrydenWire Year In Review. In doing so, however, we have realised that it will take us a lot longer than we originally expected since there is are so many areas we want to review. Therefore, each of the next 6 days, we will be publishing a 2019 By The Numbers: DrydenWire Year In Review focusing on one specific area of our business to spotlight. We will post these at noon each day starting Thursday.

Alghough we don't have a finalized list of each day, so far it looks like this (days and area to review subject to change):

  • Thursday: Diane‚Äôs Kitchen and DrydenWire Live!
  • Friday: Facebook Page Numbers and Engagement
  • Saturday: Website Demographics
  • Sunday: Website Numbers
  • Monday: Advertising and Google Ads
  • Tuesday: 2020 and Beyond

We look forward to sharing this information with all of you.

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