WATCH: 'Politically Speaking' W/ Adam Jarchow & Patty Schachtner

Adam & Patty Give One Sentence Descriptions Of Other Politicians

WATCH: 'Politically Speaking' W/ Adam Jarchow & Patty Schachtner

DrydenWire.com aired their 4th episode of “Politically Speaking w/ Adam & Patty" show this morning on DrydenWire’s Facebook page. The show, presented by Kirkpatrick Law Office and hosted by Ben Dryden of DrydenWire.com, features former Wisconsin Representative Adam Jarchow and former Wisconsin Senator Patty Schachtner.

Topics included:

  • Parks & Recreation
  • J&J Vaccine
  • Cold & Flu Season
  • The Courts Ruling On Governor Evers Emergency Declaration / Masks
  • The Courts Ruling On Previous DHS Order Limiting Indoor Public Gatherings
  • The Courts Ruling On Lawsuit Against Election Commission
  • Drinks-To-Go
  • Police Reform
  • Vaccine Passport
  • The Governor & Legislature Fighting Over Federal Dollars

Towards the end of the show, Adam & Patty responded with a one-sentence answer to how they would best describe 15 people. They were not aware of the list beforehand to ensure we got their initial organic responses.

The list included:

  1. Former President Donald Trump
  2. President Joe Biden
  3. Vice President Kamala Harris
  4. Congressman Tom Tiffany
  5. Governor Tony Evers
  6. Speaker Robin Vos
  7. Senator Janet Bewley
  8. Senator Rob Stafsholt
  9. Rep. Gae Magnafici
  10. Rep. Nick Milroy
  11. Former Representative Romaine Quinn
  12. Former Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch
  13. Former Senator Patty Schachtner
  14. Former Representative Adam Jarchow
  15. & Ben Dryden

You can watch the entire show on DrydenWire’s YouTube Channel here or stream below via Facebook.

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