This week's 21 Things You Might Not Know About Me features Brett Heino.

1) I had the opportunity to tour the U.S. Navy Seals compound in Coronado, here I am at the hell week beach bell (above).

2) We got to view a Los Angeles class submarine while on one of those tours! 

3) I am married to beautiful Annette, we have 4 kids, not really kids anymore though! Here they are at the ice caves a few years ago...

4) We were married in 1985 in Spooner, in January, God shined on our wedding with record highs for the weekend and safe travels for over 200 people!

5) I recently retired after a 35+ year career in law enforcement. 

6) 4 of those years were in the U.S. Air Force starting in 1981, right after President Reagan had dismissed the air traffic controllers. My test scores qualified me to go to ATC school but I stayed with Law Enforcement. Good decision??! 

7) and followed by 31 wonderful years with the Wisconsin State Patrol where it was an honor to serve Wisconsin. What a great team over the years throughout the state ending right here headquartered in Spooner for the last 17 years working with great people. 

8) I did dignitary protection for 4 Governors over those 31 years, fun!! Multiple times in the Apostle Islands and other areas of our beautiful state!! 

9) I love to teach and have taught all over the United States including Wisconsin of course.

10) Between teaching and being a student, I have spent over two years of my life at the Wisconsin State Patrol Academy on Fort McCoy near Sparta/Tomah! Thank God for wonderful Mothers with Annette for our kids, I wasn't home much during those years!

11) Our WITC 2017 law academy recruit class just graduated last Tuesday in Rice Lake. A Phenomenal group of young men and women...

12) One of our classes in San Diego featured hidden areas to conceal our conference ended, I was on the docks at our classroom launching bologna slices that had been used as a prop in class as Frisbees for the seagulls to dive bomb and catch, I got yelled at by an environmentalist passing by on a tourist boat for feeding the seagulls nitrates. Really! (just can't make this stuff up :)

13) I am now working as a real estate agent for Real Estate Solutions out of Rice Lake, really different than Law Enforcement but still taking care of people, so not so much different. I love this new venture and RES a lot. 

14) Our family moved back to Northwestern WI-Spooner in 2000. 

15) Our oldest Theo is conquering the manufacturing world taking a break from grad school.

16) Our oldest daughter, Kate, is a grad student at UW-Madison. 

17) Our younger daughter Amanda is an undergrad student at Indiana Wesleyan. Here we are on her move-in date...

18) Our youngest Alex is championing snowboarding and a million other fun he is at the ice caves

19) I graduated from UW-Eau Claire in 1995 (on the 10 year plan!)

20) I grew up mostly in Shell Lake after a stint in MN and Rice Lake. 

21) God is good! Jesus Christ is an anchor in my and our lives. 

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