Three years ago this week, went live.  Although we are still in our infancy stage as a media outlet, it’s important to take a little time to celebrate what we have accomplished over the last three years.  We have received overwhelming support from you over these years. Receiving “thank you” emails from our readers is truly the highlight of our day. We are also fortunate and humbled to have incredible advertisers and sponsors that allow us to remain free.  As we celebrate our anniversary week by sharing with you some of our history, numbers, fun facts, and what the future holds for us, we are also giving away a 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV! (See below for more information)

For about a year we did a segment called “21 Things You Might Not Know About Me”.  We shelved the segment this summer and boy, did we hear from you!  It was by far the most requested segment to make a comeback.  Therefore, we are bringing it back and will kick it off this week in 4 separate pieces.  Each day this week we will publish a portion of our “21 Things You Might Not Know About Me”:

  • Monday: Origin (1-5)
  • Tuesday: By The Numbers (6-10)
  • Wednesday: Fun Facts (11-15)
  • Thursday: What’s Next (16-21) 'By The Numbers' (6-10)

6 - Information Highway!

We left off yesterday’s “Origin” portion of our 21 Things You Might Not Know About Me: DrydenWire stating that we currently average around 6,500 unique users per day after only having a little over 1,000 unique users in our entire 1st month! Here are the yearly numbers (rounded) from our 1st full year (2016), our 2nd year (2017) and what we are pacing for this year (via Google Analytics):


  • Users: 210,000
  • Sessions: 490,000
  • Pageviews: 950,000


  • Users: 800,000
  • Sessions: 2,500,000
  • Pageviews: 4,200,000

2018 (Pacing)

  • Users: 950,000
  • Sessions: 2,800,000
  • Pageviews: 4,900,000

7 - Alexa - "How Popular is Our Website"?

Okay, it's not THAT Alexa, rather, it's which gives a rough estimate of a website's popularity in a specific country. In this case, the United States.  There are hundreds of millions of websites in the United States; here is where ranks (along with a few other area websites for comparison):

  1. *APG Media: 49,462
  2. 48,264
  3. **Leader-Register: 361,240
  4. Burnett County Sentinel: 513,038
  5. Barron News Shield: (not enough traffic to rank)
  6. Chetek Alert: (not enough traffic to rank)

* - APG Media ranking includes 7 total websites combined: APG Main Page; Ashland Daily Press; Bayfield County Journal; Sawyer County Record; Price County Review; Rice Lake Chronotype; and Spooner Advocate, combined.

** - Leader-Register's website includes information from the Inter-County Leader and the Washburn County Register.

8 - Age is Just a Number

Often times we (in a complimentary way) get comments like: " must be really popular with the youth since it's online, free, and incorporates social media". Let's take a look at the following graph of our age demographics:

Which age group surprises you the most?

9 - Gender Inequality?

Maybe we could have used a different title for this one, but according to Google Analytics, we do not have 50% male and 50% female viewers.  In fact, our website data shows significantly more females viewers over their male counterparts; nearly 61% to 39%


10 - Who Really Cares About Facebook Anymore?

Well, our readers.  Nearly 70% of all of our website's traffic comes from Facebook Referrals.  The DrydenWire Facebook page currently has 11,607 Likes and 12,326 Followers.  If averaged over the 3 years since we started, that would come to an average of 11 NET "Likes" per day.

As long as we are on the topic of Facebook, and since you have already read the age and gender numbers from our website, here is a graph showing the demographics of our Facebook fans. 

The top shows % of female in an age group (70% of our fans on Facebook are female) and the bottom shows % of male in an age group (30% of our fans on Facebook are male).

So yeah... we care about Facebook.  :)

See you tomorrow when we will have 5 fun facts about

How to Enter Giveaway

You can enter for the giveaway up to 4 times - one for each of the 4 articles you share on Facebook.  If you do not use Facebook, you can share the article(s) on Twitter, or email us at with the subject line “giveaway” and copy/paste the article URL in the body. On Friday, we will publish all 21 Things and include the announcement of our giveaway winner.

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