This week's "21 Things You Might Not Know About Me" was submitted by Spooner Police K9 Officer Bleu - we're not sure how, but he did.

  1. I was born in Poland on March 11, 2014 and I’m a Belgian Malinois.  
  2. I live in a one bedroom condo with a walkout covered patio in my handler’s garage.  
  3. My Handler is always picking up after me.  I sometimes chuckle when he has to pick up my poop.
  4. I thoroughly enjoy barking at random things when my handler is sleeping.  My Favorite thing to bark at are leaves blown by the wind.
  5. My Handler feeds me by hand and that is the way it should be.
  6. I love Kongs! I have several, and each one is my favorite
  7. I have a hard time making friends with other dogs because no one wants to hang out with a cop.
  8. I enjoy working with all the Spooner Officers with the exception of Officer Kronberger because one time I caught him chewing on one of my Kongs.
  9. My favorite thing to do at work is bark right before my handler gets out of the squad or when he’s on the radio.
  10. I really like Officer Tucker and I just don’t understand why he has to be the bad guy all the time during training.
  11. I enjoy making more work for Officer Hartl as she investigates the stinky things I find in cars.
  12. Sometimes when I do something really good my handler lets me chew on my Kong for like ten minutes.  Did I mention I love Kongs.
  13. I can run over 28 MPH so if you run from me you are just going to jail tired.
  14. My handler always complains about my breath but I have to listen to his to his horrible singing, so I think we’re even.
  15. I think the squirrels and rabbits behind the police department are plotting against me.  So I bark at them, a lot.
  16. My K9 training group is called “B.A.D. Dogs” (Bold and Dedicated).  I don’t know why they call us that because I think we’re really nice dogs.
  17. I pass gas in the squad and then blame it on the prisoner we’re transporting.  Works every time.
  18. Once a year we get to go to this place called “K9 Trials.”  My handler gets super nervous but I get to jump on hotel beds so it’s a good time.
  19. I don’t really understand the red and blue lights and that noise that the squad makes but it means we get to go fast and I like that.
  20. My handler makes me wear three different collars, I think its overkill but my handler likes options, whatever……
  21. I have 59 followers on Twitter @K9Bleu and I don’t even have thumbs.

[Featured Photo Image Credit: Everything Grai Photography]


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