'21 Things You Might Not Know About Me' is a weekly segment published on Wednesday's having community members submit 21 random facts about themselves that others may not know. 

1. I’ve never had shrimp or lobster or oysters, or pretty much anything that comes out of water, except for panfish. I might try it fried, but you’d really have to convince me.

2. I’m a photographer of everything: products, newborns, weddings, seniors, everything. But my favorite kind is real estate photography.

3. I’m Wisconsin through and through, but I really don’t like cheese all that much.

4. I sang my first solo in church when I was 4 years old. The same year that I started taking piano lessons from a blind woman. I later taught myself how to play guitar.

5. My entrepreneur path started in grade school when I made clay animals and sold them to my friends. I got in trouble, but never really stopped. 

6. Although I sit at my computer most of the day, I’d really rather be exploring. Particularly in Alaska. 

7. I sang the National Anthem at a Pacers game.

8. I hate chick flicks but I’d watch Christmas Hallmark movies all day long. (And my husband would too!)

9. I really want a tattoo from a lady in Rome. Her name is Sasha.

10. I LOVE coffee. I spend entirely too much time at The Dock and my favorite Americano is from a little shop in Seward, Alaska.

11. I make signs out of old wood. If its old and I can draw on it, it’s fair game. I especially love old cranberry crates from Warrens, WI. I love to restore them into something new, and I feel like it’s one of the ways God’s image is reflected in us. He loves to make things new. My favorite signs to make are ones with people’s own handwriting on them. 

12. I’m the worship pastor at Spooner Wesleyan Church. I believe that our lives are a song that we can worship God with. I love what Jon Foreman says to ‘be brave and sing the truth one note at a time.” 

13. I had the lead as Mabel in Pirates of Penzance in high school and had to sing a high C#. If you know what that is, you know what it is! ;)

14. I love to do disaster relief. My husband even went out to do tornado clean up work in Tuscaloosa with me for our first anniversary.  

15. I grew up in the little town of Big Bend outside of Milwaukee but went to show choir camp in Shell Lake all 4 years of high school. Having spent some time in the area helped us make the decision to move here!

16. I put pink lemonade mix in my blueberry pie instead of sugar. That’s my secret and you should try it!

17. I started my college career as an Art student but was learning more on YouTube so I dropped it and stuck to my ministry major.

18. I taught my hubby how to change a flat tire in college. Thank you Girl Scouts.

19. One of my favorite songs is Priceless by For King and Country. It talks about how everyone is priceless and can start over again. Coldplay is pretty awesome, too.

20. Zach and I climbed Mt Tremblant in Quebec on our honeymoon only to find that the ski lift down was closed for the day. A Mountie on a 4 wheeler was yelling at us in French and eventually realized we had no clue what he was saying. He continued in English to tell us we didn’t read the signs and how lucky we were that the lift was running for a wedding reception at the top. We wouldn’t have made it down in the daylight.

21. I organized the first AND LAST Bowman Break-In in college (Indiana Wesleyan University) where all the girls from the Shatford Dorm pranked the entire brother dorm building. Needless to say it went way too far (which wasn’t necessarily my fault). I also never pranked anyone growing up, or at Girl Scout camp, or at church camp, or as a camp counselor in college. ;)

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