This week's 21 Things You Might Not Know About Me is brought to you by Frey Financial and features Larry Peterson; Managing Partner at Anderson, Hager & Moe in Spooner, Wisconsin.

  1. I was born and raised in New Richmond, WI and lived in the same house my whole life until I went to college. It was a great place to grow up since my grandparents lived across the backyard, and the hockey rink and baseball field were a block away. I went everywhere with my Grandfather. His name was Lawrence, so you can guess who I was named after.  
  2. I was 5’8’ and weighed 85 lbs. when I walked into school my freshman year. I got thrown in the shower with my clothes on for not doing some of the hazing the seniors were making Freshman do. I was a feisty 85 lbs.
  3. I was an all-conference hockey player and Captain of the team my Senior year in high school.
  4. I never had a date in high school. If you have seen my senior picture you know why.
  5. I went to college at UW-Eau Claire and graduated with an accounting degree. Believe it or not, I graduated with honors. College was some of the best years of my life. I am really glad they did not have cell phones back then.
  6. I graduated and passed the CPA exam in 1987. I worked in downtown Minneapolis for approximately 5 years at a CPA firm. It was a great place to obtain training technically in accounting and tax work and how not to treat your staff.
  7. My family has had a cabin in Shell Lake since 1970. I moved to Shell Lake in September of 1991 and lived in my parent's cabin for two years. It was just in time for the famous Halloween snowstorm that stranded me in the cabin for two days without power. Welcome to the Northwoods!
  8. My only sibling is my brother Jeff who is 5 years older than I am. Some people say we do not look alike.
  9. I started the Tamarck Bar with Jamie Dohm in 1997. It was an interesting experience and a good life lesson.
  10. I was one of the original founders of Jackpine Savage Days along with Rob and Karen Mitchell.
  11. I am married to Anne and have a daughter Sadie. My high school buddies told me when I married Anne “I out kicked my coverage or I am playing above the rim.” Sports lingo for Anne is too good for me. My buddies are ruthless, but they are probably right.
  12. I am the Managing Partner at Anderson, Hager & Moe Certified Public Accountants. It is a very rewarding and challenging job, and I am fortunate to work with great co-workers and clients. My job is never boring.
  13. I waterski four or five days a week in the summer behind our 1983 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes Edition. I have a soft spot for the boat since I graduated from high school in 1983.
  14. I have been very fortunate to attend quite a few major sporting events: Stanley Cup Playoffs-North Stars, World Series- Brewers, Rose Bowl- Badgers, Super Bowl- Packers/Steelers, and the Kentucky Derby.
  15. I always try to patronize the local businesses in the area, especially our clients. I like to support the people who support our firm and our communities.
  16. I enjoy hunting and fishing. At this point in my life, I really enjoy the peace and quiet of it. What is in my game poach at the end of the day is secondary. I must be getting soft in my old age.
  17. I have had various nicknames thru different stages of my life such as Lee (high school), Petey (college), Beardog, Lawrence, and LIFO.
  18. My real name is not Lawrence. My Dad said he could not do it to me since he was named Robert Lawrence Peterson, and I am named Larry Robert Peterson.
  19. The best money I ever spent (besides my wife’s engagement ring of course) was paying for a random soldier and his family’s dinner in the airport. I figured it was the least I could do to thank him for his service to our country. Needless to say, I believe in Karma.
  20. I have stood up in thirteen weddings and have been Best Man three times. I considered it an honor every time.
  21. I enjoy traveling with my wife, and we have been lucky enough to see many interesting places in the world. I am sure it will be a large part of our retirement someday.

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