Today's 21 Things You Might Not Know About Me features Lolita Olson.

Lolita was originally voted in by the electors of Washburn County as County Clerk and her term started in January of 2013. After a restructuring occurred, Lolita was named interim Administrative Coordinator in November of 2015 and was officially hired as Admin Coordinator/HR Director effective in March of 2016.

1) I always was interested in playing the drums when I was in grade school. During that time, while shopping at a local strip mall, my mom and I walked by a music store and they happened to have a contest to win free lessons and she signed me up. Turned out I won, but the lessons were for learning the organ, not exactly what I was expecting. I’m glad my parents let me make the decision as to whether or not to pursue those lessons. Never did learn how to play drums either. 

2) When my boys were little, it seems that I embarrassed them by singing in church. They would always tell me not to sing so loud. Apparently, my voice wasn’t very musically inclined. Maybe it was a good thing I didn’t take any organ lessons.

3) My husband and I raise racing homing pigeons; we belong to the Spooner WI Racing Pigeon Club and we have about 8 members currently. Longest race our birds fly from is Topeka, Kansas and with the right weather conditions, they can be home before we are.  A few years ago we raised white pigeons and did releases for weddings and funerals, too. Never in a million years did I ever think I’d learn so much about pigeons.

4) I’m 100% German. My parents were immigrants and came through Ellis Island. They had to have sponsors at that time (each had an aunt in the states) and they wound up living in Chicago. My parent’s first job was at Kraft Foods and I was told that I was named after a Spanish lady who was my mom’s supervisor and helped teach her English.  

5) I don’t have a middle name. It was kind of interesting making up a new middle name every once in a while. In third grade it was Michelle. Except I got caught by my teacher when he had everybody stand next to their desks and recite their full name and address. I already had told everybody my middle name was Michelle but I couldn’t lie to my teacher. Haven’t made up a new middle name since. 

6) I have tons of hobbies – painting, drawing, sewing, crocheting, bowling, calligraphy, macramé, candle making, trying new recipes.  My favorite is reading. I thoroughly enjoy watching “How It’s Made” , too.  I still think I need to learn how to make soap, though.

7) My husband and I have a one-acre vineyard that we started about 6 years ago. We planted 630 vines – 3 different cold-hardy varieties that were developed by the Univ of MN – 15 long rows of vines. We were going to be a winery but have abandoned that idea. I’ve made wine out of rhubarb, cranberries, peaches, elderberries, dandelions (time-consuming!!), currants, strawberries, blueberries, chokecherries, plums but I’m really looking forward to making some good ol’ regular wine out of real wine grapes.  

8) I thought about it, but I don’t think I’ll ever stomp my grapes the “Lucy” way.

9) How do I relax? Hmmm. Pruning my vineyard, reading or watching a James Bond movie. 

10) I really don’t relax much honestly – if I’m not doing something constructive it feels like I’m wasting the time I have here on earth. 

11) I didn’t attend Kindergarten. My parents warned my first-grade teacher that I probably wouldn’t know how to speak English very well since all we did was speak German at home. I tricked them; (kids do learn things from friends and from watching TV). 

12) Christmas is my favorite time of year – it’s still magical. My kids were always really well behaved at that time, too. For some reason, they just felt that Santa was watching them. Don’t know where that would have come from …… 

13) I love shoes. I used to have 70 pairs (estimate) of really cool high heels. Now I just go for comfort and I’ve “paired” way down.

14) Several years ago my husband was talking with a friend of ours and she was telling him about her figurine and doll collections. She asked him if I collected anything. When he relayed the conversation to me I had to stop and think. I realized the only thing I really collected at that time was dust. I hate housework. 

15) I really like roller coasters, Ferris Wheels, tubing in the summer (and winter), as long as I don’t go backward or spin around real fast I’m OK. 

16) My favorite sound in the world is a baby laughing. It’s just such pure joy coming from that little person!

17) Actually, I do collect books. And dust. 

18) My ideal meal is Mexican food and a good margarita or possibly pizza and wine. They’re interchangeable. 

19) Both my parents died of different types of cancer two years apart from each other. Before he died, my dad told me to live my life to the fullest every day. I try to live it without regret and within legal limits. 

20) My husband and I love to camp. Totogatic is one of our favorites and it’s close enough to home so he can go back and feed the pigeons and chickens (and whatever other critters he brings home). HHomegrowneggs are great! We camp in our yard, too. That way we can “go north” anytime (literally). 

21) My oldest son will be getting married soon and his fiancé asked if I could do the ceremony. So I looked into that and now I’ve become an ordained minister.  Who knows, maybe I’ll start up the white pigeon releases again at some point in time and have a traveling chapel, too. 

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