Editor's Note: In light of Rep. Jarchow's recent announcement that he will not be seeking another term, here is a "21 Things You Might Not Know About Me" segment that was originally published on DrydenWire.com in September of last year.

This week's '21 Things You Might Not Know About Me' features Wisconsin Representative Adam Jarchow (R - Balsam Lake).  

  1. I went to Boyceville school for 1st and 2nd grade. It was before open enrollment. My parents swapped districts with a neighbor so we would have a shorter bus ride to Clear Lake (3rd - 12th grade). 
  2. I met my wife, Barbara, in college. She's from New Jersey. 
  3. I am the first in my family to graduate from college. 
  4. I hate vegetables (especially cooked peas and carrots) and love unhealthy foods like cookies and hamburgers. 
  5. When my wife is out of town, I buy Jacks pizza (5 for $10) and eat them the whole time she's gone. 
  6. I shot my first bear last year. It was 613 undressed. A Boone and Crocket. 
  7. I am a Republican but have a strong libertarian streak. 
  8. I hold the Clear Lake high school shot put record. 
  9. I grew up in Reeve and still love to trout fish in the Hay River. 
  10. I milked cows at the neighbor's farm before I had a drivers license. I got in my first car crash (while driving) at a farm, long before I had my license. 
  11. I prefer college football to pro football. 
  12. Kent Hrbek was my baseball hero when I was younger. 
  13. I have 3 brothers and no sisters (my poor mom). 
  14. I've tried ski jumping on waterskis resulting in some epic crashes. 
  15. My wife and I struggled to get pregnant so having twins a few years ago, is the greatest blessing I will ever know. 
  16. I think the new Vikings stadium is really ugly. 
  17. When I first joined the fire dept, the sight of blood made me sick, but after being on the scene at lots of car accidents, it no longer bothers me much (drive safe). 
  18. I would love to fly in a fighter jet. I am mesmerized by the Blue Angels. 
  19. Bow hunting is easily my favorite hobby. 
  20. Some of my best friends (and business partners) are liberal democrats. We have great debates about issues but we remain good friends and don't allow politics to ruin it. 
  21. I got suspended from high school for helping to orchestrate a food fight. My mom was the lunch lady - how embarrassing for her


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