This week's 21 Things You Might Not Know About Me features Wisconsin Assembly Representative Romaine Quinn (R - Rice Lake) of District 75. If you would like to more information about Rep. Quinn, you can check him out on his Facebook page, official website, or But putting politics aside for a moment, here are 21 Things You Might Not Know About Romaine Quinn.

  1. I was born and raised in Rice Lake, WI and I grew up with eight other siblings. Many of you just thought "oh your poor mother," but I have one step brother and five of the others are half siblings. (My parents divorced and each had more kids with their new spouses)
  2. Since my parents split when I was little, for eight years my mom and I (and my two full siblings) lived with my grandparents. It was an awesome eight years that I wish every kid could experience. Once they got older we took them in at my mom and step dad's house. That's what family is for.
  3. When I was little I wanted to see if calling 911 actually worked. Turns out it does work. I hung up but they kept calling back. I finally answered and they asked who I was, so I pretended to be the neighbor girl and gave them her address. It didn't take long before mom and the RLPD figured out it was me. That was the first apology letter I had to write. 
  4. While growing up, every time I rode down Main Street in Rice Lake I always asked my mom to take me to Burger King. Not having money to eat out, she would always reply that it was closed. For years I could never understand why Burger King was only open at night.
  5. I only played baseball in high school but I also signed up for cross country because I thought it would force me to get into shape. That only lasted two weeks.
  6. My first job was mowing grass, pulling weeds, raking sand traps, and replacing sprinkler heads at Turtleback Golf Course when I was 15. To this day is was my favorite job (besides being your Representative, of course).
  7. When I entered high school, after graduating from St. Joseph School, I refused to go back to church because I didn't want to be Catholic anymore. After trying nearly every other denomination over the next two years I realized that yes, I was supposed to be Catholic after all. 
  8. I've never broken a bone in my body (and don't plan on it either).
  9. I wanted to learn how to play the fiddle after going to watch Alasdair Fraser play at the BACC. We are lucky to have a community center that brings in worldwide talent for us to experience.
  10. I am a sucker for classic country music (and bluegrass). I grew up listening to Johnny Cash and now hearing some of today's "country music" drives me nuts. I feel like Moose Country is the only station left that I don't have to constantly change (unless the Brewers come on).
  11. I like watching the Brewers but I can't listen to them on the radio. 
  12. I have a love for animals. Not being able to have any at my mom's house in town growing up, I decided to overload when I bought my place in the country. I currently have a turkey, a dozen chickens (they just hatched nine more chicks), a dog, a fainting goat, and two cats. I will have more soon, just don't tell my fiancé. 
  13. The famous "R" Country Gals band from Barron is my fiancé's family. Keeping with tradition, ALL of the animals have to have "r" names. Rosie (dog), Rascal (goat), Rummy (cat), Rumpy (the other cat that is missing a foot so instead of "stumpy," he's Rumpy). 
  14. Part of me thinks the only reason my fiancé said yes to marry me was because my name starts with an "r". LOL
  15. I'm running out of things to say.
  16. My grandfather, whose name is also Romaine, will call my office and say "hey it's Romaine," just to mess with my staff. 
  17. When I was first elected Mayor at 19 I was flown down to give a high school commencement speech in Decatur, Georgia. The class first reached out in hopes of getting President Obama. I guess they had to settle for me.
  18. After being elected as one of the youngest Mayor's in the country, a company flew me out to California to pitch for a possible reality tv show. It didn't work out but I got a free weekend trip to California.
  19. I hate reality tv shows.
  20. When I was little I wanted to grow up and either be the Pope, the President, or a farmer. Instead, I just go to church, I work in the state Assembly, and I have a bunch of random animals. I'd say I got pretty close.
  21. I represent the BEST district in the State of Wisconsin! (But you already knew that).

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