This week's 21 Things You Might Not Know About Me features Attorney Sam Lawton from Lawton & Lawton, S.C., located in Spooner, Wisconsin.

  1. I was born and raised in Spooner, graduated from Spooner High School in 2000.
  2. I have three siblings; 2 brothers and one sister; and a bunch of nieces and nephews.
  3. Before becoming a lawyer, I was (and still am) a licensed United States Customs Broker.  To obtain a license, you must pass an exam with a historical 3%-11% pass rate, undergo a significant government background check, and endure an interview with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), an arm of the Department of Homeland Security.
  4. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Superior with a Bachelor’s Degree in Transportation and Logistics, I moved to the Chicago suburbs outside of O’Hare Airport to work for an international freight forwarder as a Customs Broker.  Like a travel agent, except for freight, shipping containers, etc.
  5. The company I worked for, Phoenix International Freight Services, always hosted an extravagant Christmas party every year.  I attended the party after working for the company for first six months and I won the grand prize:  two round-trip, first-class tickets to Paris, France.  I took my dad, and we spent a week on a touring bus in northern France.  I fell in love with Nutella.
  6. I spent a total of eight years in the Chicago suburbs.  The first five working as a Customs Broker, and the last three attending law school.
  7. I met my wife at work in Chicago.  I was on the panel that conducted her interview.  Scandalous!
  8. I live in a full house.  Happily married to my beautiful wife since 2014, our 17-month-old daughter, and two dogs.
  9. I share my birthday, March 2, with our younger dog Poppy; I try to share the attention with her!
  10. My wife’s high school mascot is the “Pretzels”.   I know that’s a stretch for “things about me”, but it’s too weird not to tell everyone I know!  They have a person dress up in a Pretzel costume.
  11. Including my summers during law school, I’ve been working with my father for five years, the last three being a licensed attorney.
  12. Though technically, the first time I worked for my father I was eight or nine years old and was paid $3 to vacuum the office, empty wastebaskets, and clean out the ashtrays (how times have changed!).  I received a $2 raise years later!
  13. Since passing the Bar Exam and working in Spooner, I’ve done a substantial amount of pro bono work in the community, including 478 hours in the last two years from public defender appointments, and countless hours for Guardian ad Litem work and local court appointments in Washburn and Burnett Counties.
  14. I’m the fourth generation attorney in our family.
  15. A few years ago I took up archery hunting.  Harvested my first deer this last season.  I love the peacefulness of the forest, and since archery season is in the fall, it’s much warmer than the gun season!
  16. I write, eat, and shoot pool left-handed.  Everything else I do right-handed.  It’s weird.
  17. I love fishing.  My father-in-law introduced me to musky fishing a couple years ago.  Still casting for my first musky.  
  18. I have an affinity for blue (bleu?) cheese.  I can put it on almost anything… North Crossing Foods in Spooner keeps me stocked!
  19. My favorite snack food is popcorn: caramel corn, cheese popcorn, the fancy gourmet stuff.  I’m excited about the opening of Poppy Popcorn Co in Rice Lake!
  20. I’m a member of the Rice Lake Curling Club.  Started with my wife a few years ago, and have curled on a league during the last three winters.
  21. I absolutely love my job, and look forward to the years ahead in Spooner!

If you would like more information or would like to contact Sam Lawton, you may do so by visiting their website or calling 715-635-7525.

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