This Wednesday's '21 Things You Might Not Know About Me' features Tammy Hopke, the Program Coordinator for Restorative Justice Of NW Wisconsin, Inc. and Washburn County Board Supervisor.  

  1. I hate snow and winter.  I go into the house in November and do not come out again until April.  I cannot think of one enjoyable thing about winter.  It is cold, slippery and shoveling in the worst!!
  2. I am scared to death of bats.  I remember my kids being little and banging on the bathroom door to get in with me when there was one flying over their heads.  They learned fast that when it came to bats I had no maternal instinct at all.  It’s every man for themselves.
  3. I fell in love with dogs late in my life and now would never be without one.  I just lost Tigger, who l called my soul mate and best friend.  My kids often tell me that I am better to the dogs than I ever was to them.  It’s true!!
  4. I butterfly garden.  I have a huge garden in my back yard with all the perfect plants.  After many years and hundreds of dollars I don’t have to do a thing to it.  There is nothing more peaceful than watching monarchs fly from flower to flower.  
  5. I don’t sleep at night.  I don’t know why but I get up at 1ish.  Being that there is no one to talk to I clean house and send out emails.  Not always the brightest thing to do.  I have sent many a wrong email to the wrong person at 2 am.
  6. I have no friends my own age.  I am not sure why.  My best friend is 78.  I guess I have always been an old soul.  
  7. I drink coffee all day and night.  I start at 1 am and have coffee until bedtime, maybe that has something to do with the sleeping thing.  
  8. I like volunteer work.  I am on many committees and find it difficult to say no if asked.  
  9. I hate cooking.  If I ever build a house it will not have a kitchen.  If I get hungry I go to moms.
  10. I always the side of the underdog.  Those who are losing or struggling often find a soft spot in my heart.  I have a passion for helping people and giving them a hand up when needed.  
  11. I went to Cosmetology school after high school.  I graduated and was licensed and never cut a head of hair. 
  12. I was 12 before I learned to tell time.  I contribute it to moving back and forth from Wisconsin to Colorado and never staying in one school long enough to learn it.
  13. I am a Law and Order junkie.  
  14. I never shut off the television.  I leave on all night for me and all day for the dogs.
  15. I used to love politics but that is coming to a very quick end.  
  16. I canned my first peaches last year with my mom.  A memory I will not forget.
  17. I enjoy reading.  I usually read a trash book (fiction) and then a good book (non-fiction).  I love to learn new things and reading is a great way to do that.  Support your public library!!
  18. I love a challenge.  If someone tells me I can’t do it I work pretty hard to prove they are wrong.   Now I find as I am getting older that is harder…and if I fail I convince myself I really did not want to do it anyway.  
  19. I hug and kiss everyone.  Drives my mother nuts.  She tells me all the time to quit.    Sometimes I don’t even know the person.   I guess I need to work on boundaries.
  20. I collect old drinking glasses.  I have over three hundred in my house.  There is not an inch of space on the walls for anymore.  I feel bad for my kids when they have to clean out my house out after I am gone.
  21. I have never shot a gun.  Don’t like them at all.  They make me nervous to be around.  I have no real reason for this feeling I just don’t like them.  

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