4 Question Friday: Real Estate Solutions Broker Associate, Casey Watters

There's more to Casey Watters than meets the eye.

4 Question Friday: Real Estate Solutions Broker Associate, Casey Watters

RICE LAKE, WI -- There's more to Casey Watters than meets the eye. Beyond her iconic smiling billboards, she’s one of the area’s most experienced real estate agents. For over two decades, Casey has served the real estate needs of individuals from every local community within a 60-mile radius, as well as clients from almost every state in the US and several countries around the world!

Casey’s expertise and unwavering passion for real estate is complemented by an enthusiastic team of real estate professionals that assist her in serving the needs of her clients from near and far. Casey’s team includes a client concierge, support specialist, executive assistant and two buyers agents. Together, Casey and her team offer personalized service, a fervent passion for real estate, and a deep-rooted connection to the community you call home.

To gain a deeper understanding of who Casey Watters is, we asked the local real estate leader a few offbeat questions:

  1. What's your favorite cheese? Smoked Gouda.
  2. Favorite pizza? Chicken Bacon Ranch on Flatbread.
  3. Ice Cream Shake or Malt? Chocolate Malt, no contest.
  4. Have you ever shown a home that might have been haunted? You bet!

Casey's commitment to real estate stems from her love of people and the communities they call home. Born and raised in our area, she has built a life and raised her family here. Supporting the local community is at the core of Casey's values. Her "Home Sale with Heart" program demonstrates this commitment, with a portion of every home sale going directly to Benjamin's House, providing essential support for food, shelter, and housing needs in our area. To date, Casey has donated over $50,000 to the shelter. In addition to her commitment to serving the housing needs in our area from the ground up, Casey actively supports numerous local charities and causes. You'll often find her and her team exploring locally owned boutiques and eateries, immersing themselves in the vibrant fabric of our community.

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Last Update: Aug 18, 2023 12:17 pm CDT

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