Last year, four students from Northwood Technical College attended the state Leadership Conference for the Business Professionals of America (BPA) and advanced to nationals. For 2023, Northwood Tech BPA had six students compete. Students Christy Hansen, Kate, Meck, Mandy Selkow, Matthew Hoff, SonnYa Glinski, and Wendy Newman performed well during this state competition to advance and move forward to nationals this spring.

The 2023 State Leadership Conference for the BPA proved to be successful for the group from Northwood Tech as a whole. Below are the placement results for the six BPA students:

  • Christy Hansen: Basic Office Systems & Procedures, 4th place; Fundamental Word Processing, 1st place.
  • Kate Meck: Banking & Finance, 2nd place; Personal Financial Management, 3rd place; Entrepreneurship, 1st place; Contemporary Issues, 1st place; Ethics & Professionalism, 2nd place; Interview Skills, 1st place.
  • Mandy Selkow: Fundamental Word Processing, 3rd place; Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications, 2nd place; Basic Office Systems & Procedures, 3rd Place.
  • Matthew Hoff: Advanced College Accounting, 1st place; Payroll Accounting, 2nd place; Managerial Accounting, 4th place; Personal Financial Management, 1st place; Banking & Finance, 1st place.
  • SonnYa Glinski: Business Law & Ethics, 4th place; Contemporary Issues, 2nd place.
  • Wendy Newman: Basic Office Systems & Procedures, 1st place; Intermediate Word Processing, 4th place; Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications, 1st place.

The students also participated in many Open Events in which they received certificates, but do not advance to Nationals. While at the conference, Kate Meck, State President of BPA, received her Diplomat and Statemen pin and was awarded the Mike Tokheim Scholarship.

The Northwood Tech students will be participating and competing at the National Leadership Conference to be held in Anaheim, CA in April. For more information on the Business Professionals of America visit For information about programs offered by Northwood Tech, visit

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Last Update: Mar 12, 2023 3:37 pm CDT

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