All Burnett County law enforcement agencies are united in issuing this message and notice of an upcoming enforcement period.

Dear Editor,

Wisconsin has made considerable progress when it comes to encouraging motorists to wear their safety belt every time they travel. Over the last decade, Wisconsin’s safety belt use rate has increased from about 74 percent (in 2009) to nearly 90 percent today.

While that’s encouraging, we still see far too many people who make the dangerous - and frankly - irresponsible decision to not wear a safety belt. As part of national efforts to encourage all motorists to buckle up, Burnett County Law Enforcement Officers will be joining law enforcement agencies across Wisconsin as part of the annual “Click It or Ticket” mobilization May 21 to June 3.  

The reason we enforce Wisconsin’s mandatory safety belt law is not to write citations - but to save lives and prevent needless injuries.

Consider for a moment that the 10 percent of Wisconsin motorists who fail to buckle up account for nearly half of the drivers and passengers killed in traffic crashes each year.

In Wisconsin, motorists can be stopped and cited for failing to wear a safety belt. In addition, drivers can also be cited for every unbuckled passenger in their vehicle. During Click It or Ticket - and throughout the year - we want all motorists to be safe, abide by all traffic laws, and always remember to buckle up - every seat, every trip.

Sheriff Wilhelm
Grantsburg Chief Schinzing
Siren Chief Sybers
Webster Police Department

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