WASHBURN COUNTY — Aaron Marcoux has been hired as Washburn County’s new full-time Assistant District Attorney (ADA).  Mr. Marcoux was most recently the ADA in Sawyer County.

“I am excited to join the team here in Washburn and see the sweeping personnel changes as an opportunity to join the front line in Evidence-Based Decision-Making Protocols,” Mr. Marcoux said to DrydenWire.com today. “I believe an evidence-based model coupled with common sense and professional judgment is the most effective and efficient approach ensuring safe streets for our children and offender accountability."

The following bio information was provided by Mr. Marcoux to DrydenWire.com:

Education History

I graduated from Rice Lake High School in 1998. Graduated UW - Barron County in 2001 with AAS. Graduated UW-Milwaukee in 2003 with BA. Graduated from the University of Wyoming College of Law in 2010. Licensed in Both Wyoming and Wisconsin.

Professional History

I accepted a position in December of 2010 at the Wisconsin Public Defender's Office in Ashland, covering Ashland, Bayfield, and Iron Counties. I was a Public Defender until I took a position as an Assistant District Attorney in Sawyer County in 2015. I have had a general caseload for both but as a prosecutor, I definitely focused on drug prosecutions. Until I took this position, ADA in Washburn County,  I was the Chair of the Sawyer County CJCC, a member of the Sawyer County DEC, MDT and SART teams. I also sit as a board member of the Association of State Prosecutors (ASP) and I am on the legislative committee for the Wisconsin District Attorney's Association (WDAA). Aa member of the Northwood Anti-Meth Coalition (NWC) I assisted holding the Methamphetamine Summit in Trego in 2017 and developing the "kNOw Meth" Campaign.

Personal History

I am married to Elizabeth Marcoux since 2007, been together since 2001. We have six children, 5 boys, and 1 girl. David Charles Marcoux II (age 11); Alexander William Marcoux (age 10); Jackson Frank Marcoux (age 7); Sarah Nicole Marcoux (age 6); Damon J. Patrick Marcoux (age 2); and Elliott Snyder Marcoux (age 5 mo.). My wife is a Nurse Practitioner at the Marshfield Medical Center - Rice Lake Emergency Room.

I grew up living on HWY M just South of HWY D in Washburn County. Although living in Washburn County, this location was within the Rice Lake School District. I grew up hunting and fishing in the Washburn County Forrest primarily on the Birchwood Fire lane. I have continued that tradition with my children. I try to stay active in my children's lives and coach as many of their sports teams as possible.


On August 2nd, Eugene Harrington retired as Washburn County Judge - thus creating a vacancy.  Around the same time, Governor Evers announced Washburn County was given a full-time ADA position — previously, Washburn County only had a part-time ADA which consisted of one day per week.  The deadline for the new full-time ADA position was last Monday, August 12, and was to be submitted to the District Attorney, Angeline Winton.  On Tuesday, August 13, DrydenWire.com was the first to report that Ms. Winton was appointed to the position of Judge by Governor Evers - Ms. Winton was sworn in as Judge this morning, August 19. Mr. Marcoux was hired as full-time ADA by Ms. Winton in her capacity as District Attorney prior to her being sworn in as Judge. This also maintains a full-time Attorney will be working in the DA’s Office. If Mr. Marcoux applies for and is appointed to District Attorney, the application process for a full-time ADA would once again be opened.  

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2020 Election

The positions of Judge and District Attorney will be on 2020 ballots.  Voters can vote for candidates for D.A. in the August Primary, and the General Election in November. The elected candidate will begin a 4-year term in January 2021.  The position of Judge is non-partisan, therefore if there are 2 or fewer candidates, voters can vote for their candidate in the April election. If there are 3 or more candidates, a February election will take place to narrow the field down to two.  The elected candidate will begin a 6-year term in August 2020.

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