AFP Crisscrosses Wisconsin To Show That Bidenomics = Bad Policy

March has been a busy month for Americans for Prosperity in Wisconsin.

AFP Crisscrosses Wisconsin To Show That Bidenomics = Bad Policy

March has been a busy month for Americans for Prosperity in Wisconsin. We’re traveling the state, hosting events at places like gun ranges, grocery stores, and barbershops to show Wisconsinites how badly Bidenomics are hurting hard working families, and the people who can least afford it.

At FEAR Arms in Hudson, Americans for Prosperity Grassroots Engagement Director Dominic Ventura organized an event for women to attend a concealed carry empowerment class with a certified instructor, while also sharing with them information on how the policies of the Biden administration are hurting everyday Americans and the attendees had stories to share.

Emily S. noted, “Public safety just isn’t where it should be, and I don’t understand how it got this way. Hudson used to be a safe place to live.”

Kim K. said, “The only way we can turn this country around is if we start taking responsibility for our future and voting the right people in to protect our state from bad policy.”

Following the discussion about state and federal policy issues, constitutional rights and economic freedom, the attendees went through the basics needed to satisfy the requirements to carry a concealed handgun, helping them leave the event feeling armed with information and confident about their ability to defend themselves.

At Odyssey Bowling in Sheboygan Falls, pins were falling, and scores were rising at Americans for Prosperity’s ‘Striking Out Inflation’ bowling event.

Over 100 people attended the event and enjoyed a free game of bowling to help with inflation relief.

Americans for Prosperity staff set up a table with information to talk about inflation and how its directly impacting all of us.

One visitor is the owner of a local heating and cooling business who brought his daughter to bowl because he heard about the event from some friends in the community. He shared how he has seen first-hand how inflation has been directly impacting his customers. It turns out many blue-collar trade workers who stopped by the event shared similar experiences.

Not to be outdone, Americans for Prosperity’s sister organization, The LIBRE Initiative, is also holding events throughout the state, reaching directly into Hispanic communities to share the same message about how Bidenomics are hurting hard-working families.

The group’s first event at Johanna’s Café in Milwaukee, Wisconsin saw over 150 Latino people and families come out to learn more about the Libre initiative and government policies that have not been helpful.

Johanna, the owner of the cafe, said “As a small business owner, it’s hard with this economy because everything went up. All the prices went up, the employees need to be paid more because if not they won’t work. We are also in a neighborhood where we can’t raise our prices.“

Staff from the Libre Initiative held the event on a day the café is normally closed, bringing in close to $3,000 in business. Attendees also left with a positive impression of the work the Libre Initiative is doing in Wisconsin.

Vice President Kamala Harris also made a stop in Madison this month, trying to shore up the image of Bidenomics to voters that are growing increasingly frustrated by the crushing inflation pressures consumers and business owners are facing.

A small group of activists led by Grassroots Engagement Director Mason Judd, were there to greet the VP and to let attendees know that Bidenomics is not working.

Activist and independent contractor Greg Erickson from Dodgeville noted that “inflation from Bidenomics is hurting the middle class terribly and that the price of everyday items has been shockingly high under Biden.” He added, “Bidenomics is a failure for every working man and woman in America.”

Americans for Prosperity believes freedom and opportunity are the keys to unleashing prosperity for all. We are a community of millions of concerned citizens advocating for solutions based on proven principles to tackle the country's most critical challenges.

We have open positions for volunteer, part-time and full-time work to help us help fight for prosperity for all Americans.

To find out more about Americans for Prosperity and the ‘Prosperity is Possible’ tour of events around Wisconsin, check the events page on our website.

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