AFP-WI: Arming Americans To Fight Back Against Inflation

'If you want to find a price conscious consumer, stop by a gun show near you.'

AFP-WI: Arming Americans To Fight Back Against Inflation

If you want to find a price conscious consumer, stop by a gun show near you.

“I’m upset with the federal government and what they are doing right now with this uncontrolled spending,” said Bryan Pollack at the Crivitz American Legion Gun Show Saturday.

“I’m frustrated about gas prices and grocery prices and everything else that has gone up,” added attendee Laura Ketchum.

From guns to ammunition and every accessory and supply you can find; gun show patrons and sellers know the value of a dollar and know that the current levels of spending and inflation are unsustainable.

“We’re spending at a level we cannot maintain and spending all this money and giving it away to these foreign countries but won’t even secure our own border,” said Pollack.

But visitors to the Americans for Prosperity booth at the Crivitz gun show Saturday, also recognize where to point their ire for the cause of inflation.

“We have a circus in our government, rather than a government that works smoothly and for the people,” said Ketchum.

As Americans for Prosperity staff dished out t-shirts, cell phone chargers, donuts, and more, visitors to the booth shared stories of frustration time and again. The only inflation relief in sight, was a drawing Americans for Prosperity staff were offering for a $100 Fleet Farm gift certificate and a trail camera.

While they hunted for deals that caught their eye, many visitors like Ketchum left empty-handed and more frustrated about the political games and out of control spending, than not finding what she was looking for at the gun show.

“I hope someday we can find some unity again within our country,” she said.

To find out more about Americans for Prosperity and the ‘Prosperity is Possible’ tour of events around Wisconsin, check the events page on our website.

Americans for Prosperity believes freedom and opportunity are the keys to unleashing prosperity for all. We are a community of millions of concerned citizens advocating for solutions based on proven principles to tackle the country's most critical challenges. We have open positions for volunteer, part-time and full-time work to help us help fight for prosperity for all Americans.

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