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BARRON COUNTY -- The annual reports from the Barron County Sheriff's Department and the Barron County Emergency Services for 2020 have been released. Below you will find a quick preview of the reports and a link to view/download each report.

Sheriff’s Department

2020 can be summed up with one word "COVID". While COVID took its toll on our department, we have handled it with flying colors and solved some major cases. ln January, with the help of the DNA Doe Project and DCl, we identified the bones from 30 plus years ago. Then in june with the same help, we identified the bones from four years ago outside of Barron, which led us to the arrest of a mother and her son from MN for the killing of dad/husband. ln June, we also had the murder of a young man from Chetek, and in December we assisted with a murder case in the City of Barron. ln between, we handled traffic fatalities, Safer At Home issues, the A1 Mobile Home Fraud case, and many others. Along with starting new projects like the formation of the Citizen Advisory and Acton team and continuing to keep our staff trained and safe. I am very proud to have the team we have and how they handled all the adversity that was thrown at them each day - from calls about boat accidents with people in the water to inmate issues with quarantine and mental health issues. Again the Barron County Sheriff's Department shined bright and will continue to bring this into 2021.

Download the Sheriff’s Department Annual Report HERE (PDF / 8-pgs)

Emergency Services

Each year, the Barron County (WI) Sheriff’s Department – Office of Emergency Services publishes a community report that outlines completed initiatives from the previous year and provides an overview of in-progress initiatives for the upcoming year.

Download the Emergency Services Annual Report HERE (PDF / 16-pgs)

Last Update: Jan 25, 2021 3:49 pm CST

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