Editor’s note: All six of our area Sheriff’s Offices (Barron, Burnett, Polk, Rusk, Sawyer, and Washburn) responded to a recent survey and therefore received a donation to buy new equipment. DrydenWire contacted each of our area Sheriffs to find out what they are planning to purchase with the funds.

RUSK COUNTY -- The Rusk County Sheriff’s Office is about to get some new equipment after receiving an anonymous donation.

In the fall of 2021, the Badger State Sheriff’s Association (BSSA) learned of an individual interested in making an anonymous donation to enhance the safety of law enforcement personnel in Wisconsin. In response, the BSSA contacted the Law Enforcement Foundation of Barron County (LEFBC) to engage that organization’s partnership in accepting such a donation. The BSSA then undertook the creation of the 2021 BSSA Safety First Initiative to survey the 72 Wisconsin Sheriffs on their safety needs.

A total of fifty-three Sheriffs responded to the BSSA Safety First survey with equipment needs that exceeded 1.4 million dollars. The results of the survey were provided to the anonymous donor who, reiterating a desire to help keep law enforcement officers in Wisconsin safe while handling high-risk events, determined to fully fund the requested equipment.

Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Wallace was among the 53 that responded to the survey and received a donation to purchase new equipment.

DrydenWire: How much money did you request/receive?

Sheriff Wallace: The Rusk County Sheriff’s Office has learned of the possibility for money available to the Sheriff’s Office through the Badger State Sheriff’s Assoc., Executive Director Dean Meyer. We discussed the available amount and requested $45,000.00. We were advised that we would receive $40,000.00.

DrydenWire: What equipment will you be purchasing with this donation?

Sheriff Wallace: With the monies received, we were able to purchase new portable radios for the department.

DrydenWire: Why did you choose this equipment?

Sheriff Wallace: The portable radios that we currently have are beyond their life expectancy and are unable to be repaired if something would happen to them. This was a great assistance to the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office in the upgrade to our radio service which is the life-line communication between our deputies out in the field. This will allow our office to use additional monies in our budget to purchase other items needed for the safety of our deputies and the public.

DrydenWire: What would you like to say to the anonymous donor?

Sheriff Wallace: Rusk County would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to the anonymous donor. Again, this donation will allow us to purchase portable radios to assist with the safety of our deputies and the public.

Last Update: Mar 17, 2022 12:09 pm CDT

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