(WRN) -- Wisconsin hunters can start getting their doe tags next week.

Those antlerless hunt authorizations are the best tool the DNR has at controlling the population of the deer herd, according to big game ecologist Kevin Wallenfang.

“We basically focus on the antlerless population, because it’s the does that are dropping fawns out there.”

Every county except Iron County will have authorizations this year, thanks to a milder winter and less pressure on the deer herd over the last several years.

He says that doe tags also give you a chance to put tasty, fresh deer meat in your cooler. “You might choose to use those older deer for making sausage and things like that, and focus on those younger deer and those prime cuts of meat for your steaks and things like that.”

Tag sales start on Monday, August 13. You can get them at your local outdoors shop, or online at http://gowild.wi.gov.

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Last Update: Aug 06, 2018 1:48 pm CDT

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