Gayle is a dental assistant at River Street Dental and is celebrating her 28th year at our office! (We agree, she doesn't even look that old!)

Gayle was born and raised in Spooner, and has always had River Street Dental as her dental home. Her interest in teeth started when she had retainers and braces at this office as a child. In 1990 she started working here as a Certified Dental Assistant, Orthodontic, and Hygiene Assistant. Gayle enjoys all areas of dentistry, but her favorite is still braces.

Gayle is our own personal jack-of-all-trades. Besides all of her hard work in the dental end of things, she does much more. Whether we have a glitch on a computer, a chair stops working, or the x-ray machine just won't budge, we know if we call her, she will get the job done.  We appreciate her can-do attitude and her willingness to do whatever it takes to keep this operation running smoothly!

When Gayle is not at the office, you may find her riding around on a bicycle, paddleboat, or convertible with her husband, or taking one of her danger-prone vacations to a foreign country.  (We affectionately dub the tales that follow these adventures, "Gayle Stories"). Ask her about them the next time you are in!

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