(WRN) -- Republican state lawmakers are proposing “Medical Freedom” legislation, in response to what they say is retaliation against some doctors offering alternate coronavirus treatments.

“It’s about letting doctors be doctors,” said Representative Shae Sortwell (R-Two Rivers). “We want them to give us their medical opinions. We want their medical opinions to be able to be shared with the public, without fear of retribution.”

Sortwell’s proposal prohibits organizations from retaliating against health care professionals for providing a professional opinion.

Dr. Daniel Koster, a Green Bay physician, participated in a Wednesday press conference with Republican lawmakers.

“We need this legislation to protect science, to protect physicians and other health care providers, and very much to protect each and every one of you,” Koster said.

A proposal from Representative Dale Murphy (R-Greenville) would require pharmacists fill any legally filed prescriptions.

“Because that pharmacist I don’t believe really cares one way or another whether that person gets that medication or not,” Murphy said. “This is being controlled by someone else.”

Both proposals are being circulated for co-sponsorship.

Last Update: Feb 04, 2022 10:03 am CST

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