Are you aware there is a BadgerCare+ Program called Family Planning Only Services (FPOS)?

The FPOS Program pays for all FDA Approved Birth Control Methods for both men and women.  Supplies include Condoms, “The Pill”, Injections that last 3 months, Implants that last 3 years, and IUD’s that last 5 and 10 years.  Male and Female sterilization methods, (vasectomy and tubal ligation) are also covered.

Additional services covered by FPOS include, annual examination with Pap smear and HPV testing/typing, pregnancy testing and counseling, STI testing and treatment, and some of the more routine lab tests like blood sugar and thyroid.

Each person applying for FPOS is considered a household of 1.   The income level is 306% of the current poverty guidelines, so if you make (before anything is taken out) less than $3,075 a month and need birth control, call Washburn County Health Department @ 715-635-4400 to schedule an enrollment assistance appointment. 

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