Awesome George of Awesome Auto Body says, “Just hit the Damn Deer!"

Deer are everywhere along the roads this time of year. Sooner or later you and your vehicle could come into contact with one. You will have no warning, and you’ll have only milliseconds to react.

If you swerve, chances are good that you’ll lose control and slam into a tree, veer into oncoming traffic, or hit the ditch and roll your vehicle. “If you have time to stop,” says George, “then stop. But don’t swerve and risk your neck over a deer”  

“You’re worth more than a deer or a car. And your car can be fixed. Your neck can’t. Your car? That’s what insurance is for. So don’t swerve. Hit the damn deer.”

Awesome George at Awesome Auto Body in Minong is there to help when a deer runs into your vehicle. Give him a call and he will take care of everything for you, from dealing with the insurance company to bringing you a loaner vehicle. He will do what it takes to get you back on the road ASAP.

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