Deb Pearse, now Mitchell, is a local name and a National and Internationally known artist. Her work is especially loved in the south and southwest where horses are king — the Adobe Western Art Gallery in Ft. Worth, Texas is the exclusive gallery that represents her work.

Nationally, her name is bantered around a lot when it comes to her stunning steel art, especially her colossal steel gates, and intricate sculptures, and the medium that she started using when she was just eight years old, airbrushing.

"It was my first love, airbrushing race cars waws where I got my start," she says, "My dad used to say that I cut my teeth on an airbrush."

Where most artists find their favorite medium and stick with it, Deb still loves them all, each fulfilling a different need in her. But she always comes back to her first love, airbrushing.

Recently she's been doing mural work at the new "The Still Bar & Grill" roadhouse on Highway E in the township of Casey. The Still has taken over the original Bass Lake Inn, and owners, Amy and Terry Blaschko decided to give the bar and grill some local flavor by basing the décor on the area's answer to prohibition in the twenties, home-made hooch.

The couple moved to Wisconsin from St. Peter, Minnesota, a town of only 11,906, and it was their artist-friend who made the still that sits in the corner of the dining area, and photos with a moonshine-theme grace the walls.

They own another restaurant, this one back in St. Peter, called Blaschko's Embassy Bar and Grill which is being run by a family member. Amy is the history buff behind the themes of both places and has touches of local color, and interest in each location.

Wanting to make The Still a place where people like to come to stay for a while, they feature regulation horseshoe pits, bean bag boards, and tables and chairs outside. They can be accessed through the very large glass garage door they've added to the restaurant. It stands wide open during those soft summer nights.

In the game room, you'll find darts and pool with both individuals and leagues playing. This room is where the newly finished, air-brushed moonshiner mural is.

The menu mirrors the one in their St. Peter's place because the items are proven winners. Their signature items are their large burgers with many various topping options. Even including one that sports bacon, mayo and peanut butter.

Other items on the menu include meal baskets, wraps, and sandwiches. A customer favorite is their great Steak Philly Melt.

They're offering something different for those tired of Friday Fish Fry: slowly cooked BBQ Ribs, every Friday evening.

"We want our guests to have a great experience," they say. Their goals are simple, "great food, at a reasonable price and provide great customer service." So, as part of that customer service, they have five TV's, outdoor activities and an indoor game room.

Once football season starts in the fall, the family rivalry begins. One of the owners is a Viking fan, and the other one backs Green Bay. They plan to be showing the games of Vikings, Packers, Bears, and Lions, to appeal to the varied local fans. Football Sundays will feature a variety of drink specials and games and prizes.

They say they're going to keep things interesting at The Still, even during the winter months. Occasionally, there will be entertainment, and other times special events, in this establishment that seats sixty in the main dining area.

The Still is eight miles from Spooner and straight west on County Highway E from Trego.

Their summer hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 4p until close. They have no Wednesday hours, but on Friday they are open from noon to close, Saturday 11a until close and Sunday from 4p -10p. After Labor Day Weekend, they will increase their hours on Sundays, by opening at 11:00a to host the area's football fans.

For more information on events, entertainment, and food specials, you can contact them at 715-635-6527 or check out their Facebook page at The Still Bar and Grill – Spooner.

If you would like to talk to Deb about a mural, or some of her other one-of-a-kind steel horse art, you can reach her at 715-416-1559.

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