(WRN) -- The U.S. Senate has passed a five-year farm bill. The measure now heads to what will almost certainly be a contentious negotiating process with members of the House.

“Wisconsin farmers are a key driver of our agriculture economy and rural communities,” said Senator Tammy Baldwin. The Wisconsin Democrat voted for the package, and said it included several provisions that she authored. 

Wisconsin Republican, Senator Ron Johnson, voted against the bill. “While the bill voted on today included many worthy provisions, it failed to take even small steps to reform runaway government spending on programs that have little if anything to do with Wisconsin’s farm families.” Johnson said. He added that he hoped to be able to support a final, improved version.

The Senate passed its $428 billion bill on Thursday, on a 86-to-11 vote. The House version passed last week with no Democratic support. It imposes strict new work requirements on able-bodied adults seeking food stamps. The Senate version, which needed Democratic votes to pass, does not include major changes to food stamps.

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