Once again in 2018, Barron County is assisting in the protection and health of soils through cost sharing the planting of cover crops.

The benefits of cover crops are impressive - reduced soil erosion, increased yields, recycle nutrients, break disease cycles, increase soil organic matter and infiltration rates along with fixation of nitrogen (clovers, peas and vetches).

We strongly encourage all producers with early harvested crops such as snap beans, corn silage, and small grains to plant a cover crop. Priority will be given to farmers with limited experience growing cover crops. Give us a call to discuss any ideas you may have for cover crops.

If you are interested in this program, or have any questions please contact the Barron County Soil & Water Conservation office at 715-537-6315. tyler.gruetzmacher@co.barron.wi.us or justin.everson@co.barron.wi.us

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