BARRON COUNTY -- (Press Release) -- On October 5th, Barron County Family Drug Treatment Court (FDTC) celebrated its first program graduates, having 5 people successfully complete the program! All participants had been enrolled in the program since August 2020 and addressed substance use disorders through intensive outpatient treatment in addition to individual therapy, Moral Reconation Therapy, parent education, and financial coaching.

Participants were able to safely reunify with their children during the program and made great improvements in many aspects of their functioning. Participants reported growth in areas of maintaining stable employment, gaining stable housing, reducing debt, gaining reliable transportation. Some participants were able to earn an HSED and other participants addressed underlying health concerns that were previously unidentified.

Breanna, one of the five graduates, reflected on her experience in the Barron County FDTC. “For me specifically, FDTC has given me a sense of purpose now with my new opportunity as a recovery coach for new participants entering the program. Also, it has inspired me to start college to get my degree in HHS to start a career helping other people. I am getting off probation early and also my charges were reduced to a misdemeanor because of my success in FDTC. So now I have a chance to pursue a career that may have not been possible without FDTC. I was able to get two dependable vehicles after setting the goal of filing my taxes. I have been reunified with my children which was the biggest accomplishment. I have been able to maintain long term sobriety when I had never been successful in the past. FDTC put a routine in place of not missing meetings and making sure to go every week. This has made a lasting impact because the meetings are like medicine for a person with an illness. And now I don't feel right if I miss any meetings. I have a strong support of my recovery family through the meetings which helps make me feel whole. FDTC helped guide me to the person that I had hoped to be before I was using. I am so thankful for the program.”

Barron County FDTC Judge J.M. Bitney added, “I would add how proud I am of each of our graduates. They have lived their motto that Hard Work Pays Off (HWPO) successfully completing ALL of the requirements necessary to be reunited with their children. In the process these moms and dads became loving, sober, stable, safe and productive parents. The type of parent(s) that every kid deserves. They’ve also become leaders, mentors, coaches, positive role models for their children, the recovery community and the community at large. We are also blessed to have such an outstanding group of professionals on the Barron County Family Drug Treatment Court Team who are 100% dedicated to providing parents with the resources, skills and tools necessary to not only be reunited with their children but to become respected, contributing members of their communities.”

During this next year, the Barron County FDTC is focusing on creating sober family events and activities for participants. If you or your organization are interested in contributing to these events or the FDTC program, please contact Heidi Erickson at 715-537-6115 or

Last Update: Nov 01, 2021 12:06 pm CDT

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