On Saturday March 24, 2018 at 7:49pm the Barron County Sheriff Department received a 911 call from 671 17 ½ Street, south of Barron, stating 2 males were trapped in a silo that collapsed.

Deputies from the Barron County Sheriff’s Department along with the Dallas Ambulance, Gold Cross Ambulance, Barron Fire Department and 2 Like Link Helicopters were all dispatched to the scene.

Initial investigation shows 3 males were working inside a silo when there was an internal collapse of silage.  One male escaped and called 911 with the other 2 males becoming trapped.

The Fire Department utilized thermal imaging devices and portable extrication equipment to free the victims and life saving efforts were attempted but both subjects were deceased at the scene.

Victims include a father and son, Daniel Briel, 51 and David Briel, 14.

Our thought and prayers go out to the Briel family and special thanks goes out to all the emergency responders, family and friends that came out to the scene to help and support each other.

Per Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald

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