BARRON COUNTY -- Barron County snowmobile trails will open on Saturday morning, December 31, 2022, according to a press release from Barron County Sheriff County Chris Fitzgerald.

Press Release

Volunteers have been out working very hard to make this happen - so a special thank you to you if you were involved with signing, brushing, cutting, trimming, grooming, chain sawing, lopping, or anything else to help get them ready. The best way to show your thanks is to respect the trails and adhere to the following important reminders:

  1. The trails are still not great - you may encounter downed limbs, branches, or maybe even a fallen tree. Please help us all out and do your best to remove it. Please ride responsibly and keep speeds reasonable. You WILL encounter hazards on the trail.
  2. Many swamps have not been groomed to avoid sinking the groomers. The first ones down the trail will need to blaze a path, and will require higher than average levels of skill. Please do NOT go around these areas and trespass.
  3. Lakes are not safe for travel. It is recommended to stay off the lakes.
  4. If you encounter a groomer, do not pass them until the groomer stops and you are waved on. Passing a moving groomer is extremely dangerous and disrespectful.
  5. Stay on the trail at all times.

Be safe, ride sober, and if you haven't already, join a snowmobile club! Here are some photos from today.

Lastly…trail 12 from the intersection of 33 east of Cameron all the way to the Rusk County line will be closed because of bridge repair.

Also, the Tuscobia Winter Ultra is still going to take place this weekend, so anyone riding on the Tuscobia should expect to encounter race participants on the trail.

-- Per Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald

Last Update: Dec 29, 2022 10:24 am CST

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