The Barron County Soil & Water Conservation Department has several conservation programs with funding available for Ag Producers. Winter is the ideal time to contact staff to discuss your conservation needs.

Projects are cost-shared at a 70% rate for the following conservation projects:

  1. Fencing of cattle from watercourses, wetlands, streams, rivers, lakes.
  2. Correction of animal waste runoff from barnyard areas into waterways.
  3. Closure of idle earthen manure storage facilities.
  4. Erosion control practices such as grassed waterways, diversions, and buffer strips.

A State grant provides $40 per acre for hiring a certified planner to develop a nutrient management plan for your farm. Nutrient management plans are required for all farmland in the State of Wisconsin and an eligibility component of the Farmland Preservation Program which has an annual tax credit of $7.50 per acre.

Please contact the Barron County Soil & Water Conservation Department at 715-537-6315 as early as possible as funds are limited.

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