On Friday, December 29, 2017, at 2:33 pm a Barron County Sheriff’s Deputy had his emergency lights activated blocking a lane of traffic on Hwy 53 at the Chetek exit slowing down cars for another crash that had occurred ahead of him that was being pulled out by a wrecker.  While he was sitting in his squad, his squad was struck by a vehicle that was passing another car that was slowing for the accident. 

3 people in the van that struck the squad were transported to Barron Mayo Hospital by the Chetek, Mayo and Rice Lake Ambulances.  The deputy was transported to LMC by an LMC Ambulance.  All the injuries were non life-threatening.

The crash is being handled by the Chetek Police Department and the Chetek Fire Department assisted in keeping with this crash.

This serves as a good reminder that you need to slow down and move over when you see an emergency vehicle (Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS) on the side of the road or you could be cited for failing to move over for emergency vehicle.

Per Chris Fitzgerald, Barron County Sheriff

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